A New Vision Takes Shape: SETZER DESIGN Unveils Two Stunning Additions to Its “Vision Line” of Mega-yachts

Cerise, a sleek 50 meter/165-foot plumb bow, and Javelin, a grand 73 meter/240-foot vessel are the latest to emerge among Setzer Design Group’s new, futuristic Vision Line of mega-yacht designs.

The “VL-50” Cerise brings an elegant, refined design to life via the studio’s spin on the plumb-bow trend, yet at a more manageable, main-stream market sizing. Expressed in vivid red, the design’s unique styling is underscored by the long, sweeping, retro elements of its superstructure.

A dynamic blend of style and sea-kindly performance, Cerise features four deck levels plus large, below-waterline holds and systems spaces as well as the typical crew lounge and cabins, galley, utility areas, walk-in refrigerator and freezer units. Generous accommodations for owners and guests on multiple levels include four large guest cabins, one twin cabin and one master with nearby office/library, plus a dedicated engineer’s cabin aft in the lazerette space. The vessel also features a theater space within the sky lounge with seating for 10, multiple private and public exterior areas: an oversized hot tub, bars, grills, and more.

With a beam of 9.7M and a draft of 2.6M, Cerise is meant to cleave through the water, cruising at 14 knots speeds with plenty of volume for fuel and water stores.

The “VL-73” Javelin is the largest of the revolutionary Vision Line designs to date and debuts as a blend of grand elegance and streamlining, indicative of this studio’s vision of super mega-yachts to come. A five-deck vessel with large, below-waterline holds and systems spaces, Javelin’s design revolves around a large, circular window suspended between decks amid ship that offers stunning views from its interior stair and elevator corridor. The balance of the superstructure combines long, elegant lines, crisp edges and alcoves that can only come to life from a studio with such wide ranging design successes.

“Years of experience have taught us that balance is the key to an exceptional vessel, classic or modern,” said Ward Setzer, an internationally acclaimed yacht architect and principal of Setzer Design Studio headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

Javelin features a large helicopter deck, six large guest cabins, one twin cabin, one master with nearby office/library and meeting room, plus a large theater, gym, spa, two galley areas, observations rooms and more. The vessel can accommodate a crew of 12 in five cabins plus pilot’s and engineer’s cabins aft as well as all other crew features: lounge, galley, utility area, walk-in refrigerator and freezer units.

With a beam of 11M and a draft of 3.4M, Javelin is meant for traveling the globe in ultimate style and comfort at a cruising speed of 16 knots.

Both Cerise and Javelin are powered by eco-friendly diesel-electric drive systems. Both feature cabanas aft with dockage doors deploying port and starboard and tender garages integrated into the raised bow deck bulwarks. Clean lines and deep, dark woods juxtaposed with lighter fabrics and detailing create luxurious interior spaces.

“The bold Cerise and our grander Vision Line design, Javelin, continue our studio’s second evolution and express just how far we are pressing ourselves and the market,” Setzer said. “Yet as futuristic as they are, each vessel must successfully run through our gauntlet of  ‘real life’ concerns: They must be buildable, useable, and serviceable, as well as stylistic and elegant.”

For more information, visit http://www.setzerdesign.com, or call Ward Setzer directly at 919-859-7014.

###\"Javelin\" by Setzer Design Group

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