Raleigh Interior Designer Expands Services To Home Staging, Organizing, Party/Event Decorating

A dining room staged by Sharon Bell Glazener

December 7, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) – After 25 years as a professional interior design, Sharon Bell Glazener of Bell/Glazener Design Group in Raleigh is expanding her professional services to include home organizing, home staging, holiday decorating, and event preparation and decoration.

According to Glazener, her interior design clients often request her help in these areas – especially home organizing and, this time of the year, with holiday decorating.

“I have many clients who want to decorate their homes beautifully and even dramatically for the holidays, but they don’t trust themselves to do it or they don’t have the time,” she said. “So they ask me to help because they know I’ll create a holiday ‘look’ that complements their décor.”

Her special-events services extend to any parties or events where a professional designer’s touch is needed, especially in coordinating with a floral designer and caterer.

Glazener’s expansion into home organizing was prompted by her desire to help people improve their homes’ livability and enjoy the space, furniture and accessories they already have.

Sharon Bell Glazener

“I truly enjoy organizing and love the look on clients’ faces when they suddenly have so much more space as a result,” she said. “It’s also a lot of fun to help them rediscover accessories they’d put away or that are buried under a disorganized clutter. And they’re always amazed at how much easier it is to clean and to keep clean a well-organized home.”

A client in Manteo, NC, offered the following comment for Glazener’s new e-brochure: “Sharon has a way of looking at your space and seeing possibilities where you only see a mess.”

Glazener is also keenly aware of the growing need for professional home staging as home sellers find it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of homebuyers in the current economy.

“There is such intense competition for buyers now, and often the key to winning that competition comes down to the ‘wow’ factor when a potential buyer walks up to the front door and crosses the threshold,” she said. “As realtors know, you’ve got about three seconds to get elicit that ‘wow’ factor. That’s where professional staging makes all the difference.”

Sharon Glazener’s interior design and home staging work has helped local home builders earn four Gold Awards from the Parade of Homes Competition.

For more information on Sharon Bell Glazener, visit www.bgjdesign.com. To request her new “Decorative Organizing” e-brochure, contact her at mail@bgjdesign.com or call 919-787-3515.

About Sharon Bell Glazener:

A partner in Bell/Glazener Design Group, Sharon Bell Glazener was educated at the North Carolina State University College of Design and has studied abroad in Spain, Italy and England. She has maintained an Independent Practice of Interior Design in North Carolina since 1979 and is responsible for the planning, design and coordination of all ID contracts. Project experience includes Residential, Sales Models, Commercial and Retail, Display and Merchandising, Conventions & Public Exhibitions and Seasonal Event Planning. She has been active in the design and construction of interior spaces for new construction as well as renovations and restorations. A primary focus of her interest has centered on single-family residential environments and the blending of personalities, activities, spaces and styles into individually tailored living environments. For more information visit www.bgjdesign.com.

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