Samuel Cole Salon Stylists Attend Bumble and bumble Network Educator Class in NYC

Erin Shebaugh and Ashley Collins
L-R: Erin Shebaugh and Ashley Collins

August 14, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) – Hair stylists Ashley Collins and Erin Shebaugh of Samuel Cole Salon in Raleigh recently returned from New York City where they attended an exclusive Network Educators training program at Bumble & bumble University (Bb. U).

According to Bumble & bumble, the Network Educator School “trains top talent in our Network salons to help inspire creativity, superlative customer service and retail success. Hairdressers at the height of their careers can translate their dedication, passion and expertise to their fellow stylists.”

To be a member of the network, a salon must pass a rigorous curriculum for professionalism and design expertise. In addition to selling Bumble & bumble hair products, only Bb. network salon stylists may attend Bb. U classes.

As network educators, Collins and Shebaugh will conduct training workshops within Samuel Cole Salon and its sister facility, Salon Moxie.

According to Collins, the training program “was absolutely amazing. Among other things, they taught us about public speaking and effective ways of communicating, including paying attention to body language and choosing positive, affirming language. And a lot of it was about building confidence in ourselves so that we are better able work with and inspire our peers.”

She said the training was “intense over four long days. They kept us moving!” And she can’t wait to go again. “It was so invigorating. Everyone there was so supportive and talented. It’s just a great experience for any stylist.”

Located in New York City’s historic meat packing district, Bumble & bumble University also includes a Design School and Business School.

Samuel Cole Salon is located at 240 Newton Road in North Raleigh. Salon Moxie is located in North Ridge Shopping Center at 6196-112 Falls of Neuse. For more information visit and


Samuel Cole Salon, Salon Moxie Prepare Strut ’08 Models For Two Nights On The Town

April 23, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) – When the models come out to play during “Meet the Models,” two Raleigh events to help promote STRUT ’08, they’re offer more than a preview of the haute couture you can expect on the runway on Saturday, May 3, in North Hills. They’re also offer an up-close look at the hair design and make-up artistry of the award-winning stylists at Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie, the official salons for STRUT ’08.

To promote the show — which will feature national fashion designers with Raleigh roots, as well as local designers and boutiques, music and dance performances — STRUT ’08 models are appearing in two Raleigh nightclubs. On Friday, April 18, they joined the party at Buckhead Saloon in downtown Raleigh. On Friday, April 25, they’ll “strut” their stuff at Oliver Twist in North Raleigh (8111 Creedmore Road) from 10 p.m. to midnight.

The salons’ stylists are going for a “club chic” look for these two events, according to Joelle and Jack Ray, owners and master stylists of Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie.

“We work with each model to develop strong texture, volume and movement for his or her individual hair type,” said Joelle, whose expertise in hair and make-up has been featured on Modern Salon Media’s “” and “” websites. “The look we’re after for these night-on-the-town events is ‘ready to party’ — fun, wild, and sexy.”

To achieve that look, the stylists used Bumble & bumble “Spray de Mode” hair spray to “maximize texture yet leave a touchable finish,” she said. They also used B&b Hair Power, an aerosole styling powder, for volume and fullness. The powder extends the life of a blow-dry style by absorbing excess oil and providing a dry, matte texture, “and it provides an amazing amount of fullness and volume,” Joelle said. “It’s like back-coming in a can.”

Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie are Bumble & bumble network salons. Samuel Cole Salon has been featured in Salon Today, American Salon, Estetica, and Metro Magazine. For the past three years, the salon has received “Best Salon” and “Best Salon for Color” accolades from Citysearch, and the “Metro Bravo” award for Best Salon in the region from Metro.

The Rays opened Salon Moxie in 2007 to meet a market need for a salon where clients can get fresh looks from fresh talent in a hip, high-energy environment at moderate prices, filling the void between high-end salons, like Samuel Cole Salon, and “budget” shops.

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