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Bachelor of Arts degree, History/Journalism, East Carolina University, 1977


  • Blueplate PR: Public Relations, Media Specialist, 2004 – present. Provides clients with consistent exposure through traditional and non-traditional media sources to (1) raise public and professional awareness of their work, services, and accomplishments; (2) increase their Internet presence; and (3) enhance tbeir reputations and images. Specializing in architecture and architecture-related businesses and organizations.
  • Editor, “Native Places” and “Everyday Places,” 2012 – present. Editing author/architect Frank Harmon’s mini-essays each month for Custom Homes magazine and Midtown magazine, respectively.
  • Fellowship Elevation, American Institute of Architects: Writer, Editor, Consultant 2004 – present. Working with architects who are applying to be elevated to Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects, the AIA’s highest membership honor for an architect’s exceptional work and contributions to architecture and society. An arduous task, the text included must be thorough as well as clear, concise, and sophisticated.
  • Spectator Magazine: Executive Editor, Managing Editor, Writer, 1978 – 1996. Included planning each weekly edition, assigning all articles and photography, editing all articles and reviews in each weekly publication as well as special editions, writing headlines and photo captions, proofing the entire edition before releasing to the printer, conducting weekly staff meetings, and writing a weekly architecture critique.
  • North Carolina Architect magazine: managing editor, writer, 1982 – 1996
  • The Fountainhead, the East Carolina University student newspaper: reporter, 1974-1975; editor, 1976-77