“Twisted and Turned” Author T. Lyn Fletcher Launches New Website

The site is designed to inform and intrigue future readers and fans.

June 14, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) – T. Lyn Fletcher, the author of the upcoming supernatural/horror/vampire book series “Twisted and Turned,” has launched a new


website specifically designed to capture the ambiance of the series and to keep future readers enthralled.

“It was a bit of a challenge to build a site as eclectic and dramatic as T. Lyn Fletcher’s needed to be, without making it difficult for a user to navigate,” said Karin Bilich, founder and president of Smart Author Sites.com. “I think we found a really nice medium in which readers can really feel like they’ve delved into the ‘Twisted and Turned’ series, while still being able to find any pertinent information.”

Against a black backdrop, where the gray form of a raven takes wing behind the author’s name, the team at Smart Author Sites created a window on the landing page that recalls a dark, worn desk. On the desk are various items — from an old, leather book to a 21st century cell phone — that become links to other pages as users scroll over them.

Fletcher’s photograph appears in a small black frame propped on the “desk” and leads to the “About The Author” page. A black leather-bound book becomes the link to “The Series” page for a synopsis and excerpt. A computer keyboard leads to a page of links to the author’s social media sites. An open address book goes to “Fun Facts,” and a newspaper on the desk will lead to reviews of the books. The cell phone links to contact information and downloads (including Fletcher’s head shots and promotional posters), while an ornate, pink envelope takes visitors to a page where Fletcher will post comments and questions readers submit to her by email. All of these items/links remain on the bottom of each page for easy navigation.

Throughout the site, Bilich has sprinkled dramatic photos of the author as well as esoteric symbolism and a sneak peak at the cover of the first book in the series, “Unholy Union.”

“T. Lyn Fletcher is quite an interesting woman, and we wanted to make sure that her personality really came through in the website,” Bilich said. “She has some great photos of herself, which we tried to work into the site wherever possible. It’s important that an author’s website reflects his or her personality, and I think this one does just that.”

The see the new website and for more information on the author and the upcoming “Twisted and Turned” series, visit www.tlynfletcher.com.


About T. Lyn Fletcher:

T. Lyn Fletcher, the author of the upcoming supernatural/horror book series “Twisted and Turned,” is a medical software designer in her “other life.” A native North Carolinian, she is a member of the well-known philanthropic Fletcher family of Raleigh, NC, and member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She active in a number of charitable efforts related to the environment and animal welfare. She has worked with the Washington Charity Awards and participates in Change.org. For more information go www.tlynfletcher.com, visit her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter.