Sedna Films Adds To Staff

January 3, 1008 (SANTA MONICA, CA) – Sedna Films, a commercial production company, recently hired Moses Mugo to serve as manager of its Santa Monica office.

Mugo moved from Africa to the United States in 1990 when he was 18 to pursue an education. He worked in freelance production for a number of years until he earned enough money to put himself through college. In 2005 he graduated from California State University at Fullerton with a degree in Political Science in 2005.

Heather Weinstock, head of production at Sedna, first met Mugo while she was working as a second assistant director (AD) in freelance production.

“He started out working for me as a PA but was one of those people who just showed initiative and quickly moved up the production ladder,” she said. “He was a huge help to me on set then and I’m extremely thrilled he will back with me at Sedna.”

As office manager, Mugo will be responsible for day-to-day administrative and clerical duties. He will also work closely with Sedna’s sales representatives and directors on treatments, reels, and other needs.

When he retires from his entertainment career, Mugo plans to move back to Africa and get involved in politics, Weinstock noted.

Sedna Films, Inc. is a member of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP). Other clients include TNT, Shell, Panasonic, Honda, Sony/BMG, Vespa, UNICEF, The NBA, and The Weather Channel. Sedna Films is represented on the west coast by Lisa Schreiber of Boardalicous in Hermosa Beach, CA (, on the east coast by Rich Schafler of Schafler Artists Management in New York, NY ( and in the mid-west by Dwayne Petch of Petch and Company in Westerville, Ohio (

For more information on Sedna Films, visit


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