Chapel Hill Artist Kimberly Alvis Sells “Children On A Beach”

"Children On A Beach"
September 12, 2008 (CHAPEL HILL, NC) – Chapel Hill artist Kimberly Alvis recently sold an oil painting entitled “Children on a Beach” to Mrs. Kristen Morrissey, also of Chapel Hill, who intends to give the piece to her mother as a birthday gift.

In the 18 x 24 oil-on-panel painting, four small children are lined up behind each other on a beach, standing on the wet sand at the very edge of the water’s reach. Their reflection is captured in shallow pools of water left from the receding tide. The child in front holds the string of a kite that flutters above and small waves. A woman – presumably their mother – stands behind them, facing away from the water, with a baby in her arms. From the angle of the light, it appears to be late afternoon.

Alvis, a representational artist who looks for subject matter whenever she travels, described the painting’s evolution:

“I was painting at Myrtle Beach and I was not very happy with what I was painting, when suddenly these children just lined up behind each other for a split second and the image just froze in my head. I was able to finish it in my studio a couple of days later.”

Somerhill Gallery director Joseph Rowand recently commented about Alvis’ paintings: “In a style reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch and Spanish masters, we encounter with Kim’s work an artist who celebrates the past, deploying paint and light to exquisitely delineate her own compositions using her knowledge of history, her intellect, trusting her own true instincts as well as her keen eye of observation, into her own fresh masterpieces.”

Originally from Staten Island, New York, Kimberly Alvis has had her work exhibited nationally at such venues as The Art Students League, The Salmagundi Club and the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, all in New York City, and the Huntsman Fine Arts Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.

Alvis’ work has received numerous awards including Best In Show two years in a row from The Arts Students League Annual Student Exhibition in New York City.

She is represented locally by Somerhill Gallery in Durham. For more information and to see more of the artist’s work, visit


One thought on “Chapel Hill Artist Kimberly Alvis Sells “Children On A Beach”

  1. Derek McCrea September 6, 2010 / 1:28 am

    Kim’s work is really amazing, I love the softness in her work.

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