Raleigh Director Creates Powerful TV PSA for KidsVotingNC.org

October 16, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) — Allen Weiss, a commercial director and writer based in Raleigh, has created a 30-second television public service announcement (PSA) for KidsVotingNC.org that presses the point, “I may not be old enough to vote, but I’m old enough to care.”

“I was watching the conventions with my daughters, one of voting age and one under,” Weiss explained. “I could see their passion about the issues. But Natalie, my youngest, was a little frustrated that she couldn’t ‘act’ and vote like her big sister. So,I ruminated on this and a line popped into my head.”

That line was “I may not be old enough to vote, but I am old enough to care.”

Weiss mentioned his idea to some friends in the production community. One of them, York Phelps, mentioned the idea to a friend, Carolyn Krueger, who runs the Durham-based KidsVotingNC.org.

Weiss had never heard of the organization, but Krueger liked the idea, sat down with Weiss one day, and said “lets do it.”

With no money behind them, Weiss made some calls to production friends, tasked Krueger with rounding up a cast of sub-voting age teens, and they were off and running. York and Natasha Phelps offered up beautiful downtown Durham home for a shooting location, Bob Schaner came to town as Director of Photography, German Valle supplied the camera, Neil Gettinger volunteered as sound expert, Drawbridge Media of Raleigh provided post production and Peppered Sounds of San Antonio crafted the original music score.

The PSA is airing statewide on local channels and can be seen on the KidsVotingNC.org website.

For more information, contact director Allen Weiss at 919-272-8834.


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