Living Greener In The Lowcountry

Whitney Powers, AIA
Whitney Powers, AIA

February 11, 2009 (CHARLESTON, SC) – Award-winning “green” architect Whitney Powers of Studio A, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina, offers common sense tips for embracing eco-friendly living in an article in this month’s South Carolina Woman magazine.

In her article, entitled “Taking A Turn Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle in the Lowcountry.” Powers suggests actions anyone can take regardless of where you live, such as enhancing indoor air quality by cleaning and stowing out of season clothes and bedding and collecting rain water for landscaping use. She also has some Lowcountry-specific suggestions:

“For the gardeners among us, the Lowcountry is a paradise and the possibilities for enhancing the home landscape and habitat are almost unlimited,” she notes. “Plant shade trees where none exist. They’ll help you cool your home in the summer and can lower the ambient temperature in your entire neighborhood. Choose native plants with the help of our Lowcountry chapter of the South Carolina Native Plant Society. Their annual plant sales, usually held at Charlestowne Landing, include plenty of advice.”

Powers advocates family reading sessions as a replacement for “energy-hogging plasma or LCD” television, and riding a bicycle for short commutes especially when parking is an issue: “The advocacy group Charleston Moves has been hard at work to make this easier and Holy City Bike Co-op has a monthly workshop at Marion Square for tips on maintaining and safely making your trip.”

She also suggests learning to appreciate the hum of a floor fan rather than “air condition overkill” and donating demolition materials from home remodeling projects to Habitat for Humanity.

To read Powers’ entire article, go to and click on “feature articles.”

Whitney Powers’ work in sustainable design has received numerous design awards and has been featured in local, regional and national design magazines and journals. One of her “green” houses on South Carolina’s Dewees Island, was featured be showcased on HGTV’s new “Extreme Living” show in August 2008.

For more information on Whitney Powers and Studio A, Inc., visit

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