Charleston’s Studio A, Heritage Strategy Group Join Forces

Whitney Powers, AIA, Studio A, Inc.
Whitney Powers, AIA, Studio A, Inc.

March 9, 2009 (CHARLESTON, SC) – Studio A, Inc., an award-winning architecture firm in Charleston, SC, has joined forces with Heritage Strategy Group to bring a specialized planning component to the firm’s offerings.

Heritage Strategy Group is a planning initiative, headed by Edwin Gardner, to develop recreational areas and scenic byways in a manner that allows local businesses and other stakeholders to enjoy growth and prosperity while the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the effected areas are preserved and enhanced.

“A heritage planner’s central mission is to enable local businesses to prosper,” Gardner said. “A strong entrepreneurial focus yields the best justifications for conservation and preservation of a place’s natural, historical, and cultural heritage. And a good heritage planner never gets between a people and their heritage.”

Among other planning projects, Gardner helped to prepare the Tennessee State Recreation Plan and Cumberland Plateau Heritage Corridor Feasibility Study. He also prepared two comprehensive inventories of natural and recreational resources — The Tennessee Recreation Atlas and the Tennessee Recreation Lands and Waters wall map — that are widely considered state-of-the-art models of resource inventory and graphical presentation of data.

“The Heritage Strategy Group’s work is largely focused on conservation,” said Studio A’s principle, architect Whitney Powers, AIA. “This is an ideal ‘fit’ for our firm since conservation of natural, cultural and historic resources is an imperative in our practice.”

Powers is well known for her work in green, or sustainable, architecture and historic preservation/adaptive re-use.

For more information on the Heritage Strategy Group, visit For more information on Studio A, Inc., visit Studio A is also available on Facebook.


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