Quail Ridge Books, Moravian Books & Gifts Featuring “The Mahogany Door”

New fantasy-adventure book for young readers accepted at two more bookstores.  

September 16, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) – Quail Ridge Books & Music, the award-winning independent bookstore in Raleigh, NC, and Moravian Books & Gifts, an independent bookstore in Winston-Salem, NC’s historic Old Salem district, are now carrying “The Mahogany Door,” a new fantasy-adventure book for young readers by Durham author J. Mark Boliek.

Moravian Books & Gifts is stocking the book, the all-original soundtrack CD that accompanies it, and the limited edition version featuring the book, CD and bookmark within a handcrafted, hand-etched wooden box. At a recent in-store event, the store sold both versions while Boliek was on hand to sign them.

Quail Ridge Books is just offering the limited edition version at this point.

“The Mahogany Door” is also being sold at The Regulator Bookshop, an independent bookstore in Durham.

“I’ve become a huge proponent of supporting local and independent businesses,” Boliek said. “They’re more representative of the independent author. And just like me, they have to compete with big name entities like Barnes & Nobel. Just as I try to find my space among a mountain of popular authors, indie bookstores have to find their space in the larger market. So they empathize more with an author who’s just trying to get his or her foot in the door. And local bookstores are much more personable, especially to local authors. They enjoy showcasing local talent.”

Boliek will return to Old Salem in November and December for two more in-store author/holiday events at Moravian Books & Gifts.

The Mahogany Door,” published by Split Rail Multimedia, is the first book in a trilogy entitled The Bruinduer Narrative. According to Boliek, it represents his feelings about friendship, loss, perseverance, and about accepting help from someone larger than one’s self along the way. It is recommended reading for young and young adult readers by Midwest Book Review.

The book’s story surrounds three 20-something friends who were separated years ago by a tragedy but must reunite to fulfill a destiny. They must return through The Mahogany Door to the fantasy world of Bruinduer to retrieve a friend they left there before that world collapses. One of the three friends has suffered amnesia from a serious accident and doesn’t remember Bruinduer. Another wants nothing so much as to forget about Bruinduer. And the third’s reasons for returning are suspect. The adventures begin as soon as they reach the great door in the basement of an old mansion on the coast called Warhead Dale.

The ebook version is available on Amazon and through iBooks and the CD is available on iTunes as well as other online music sources. For more information on “The Mahogany Door” and CD, visit the author’s website at www.jmarkboliek.com.

Facts about The Mahogany Door:

Author: J. Mark Boliek.  Publisher: Split Rail Books.  Publication Date: May 2011.  Genres: Fantasy-Fiction, Adventure-Fiction.  Illustrator: Lauren Gallegos.  Age Group: 10 and up.  ISBN: 978-0-9832900-0-1.  Paperback: 353pp.  Retail Price: store’s discretion. Currently available at: The Regulator Bookshop, Moravian Books & Gifts, Quail Ridge Books & Music, Chambers Arts, and at www.jmarkboliek.com.

About J. Mark Boliek:

J. Mark Boliek, the author of “The Mahogany Door” and the entire Bruinduer Narrative series, grew up in Eden and Durham, North Carolina. An avid writer and athlete, he received a football scholarship after high school but chose to join the Navy instead. He graduated from Concord University in Athens, WV, in 1997 and lived in Wilmington, NC, for a while, where he began to develop The Bruinduer Narrative, a fantasy-adventure series for young readers, as well as the soundtrack CD that accompanies “The Mahogany Door.” Mark and his wife Jill now live in Durham, NC, where they own and operate Split Rail Books and Split Rail Multimedia LLC. For more information on the author and “The Mahogany Door,” visit www.jmarkboliek.com and his Facebook page.

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