Travel For Targets Baby Boomers Who Love To Travel

New travel blog is authored by “Boomers” for “Boomers.” 

October 10, 2011 — A group of self-professed “travel fanatics” and veteran “travel hackers” have launched Travel For, a new blog specifically targeted to “Baby Boomers” (people born between 1946 and 1964), who either love to travel or want to travel, and “want to do so as inexpensively and comfortably as possible.”

Travel For Boomers went live on September 15. Just a few of the topics posted thus far include:

  • How to get the best deal when you’re booking a hotel room
  • Medical and dental “vacations” to get less expensive procedures
  • Why everyone should have a passport
  • Whether or not AARP travel discounts are all they advertise
  • Who “Baby Boomers” are and how they affect the travel industry
  • Suggestions for great destinations for mature travelers
  • and humorous, just-for-fun topics.

“We want Travel For Boomers be both informative and fun,” said blog editor and award-winning journalist Kim Weiss. “We’ll cover everything from step-by-step ‘how-tos’ on amassing frequent flier miles and rewards points, to memories of traveling before security check points — when airlines named Piedmont, Pan Am and Eastern still existed. We recently ran a post on how to help your kids who have their own kids travel more comfortably, and we have a three-part post on how to see the world in a weekend. That’s right: in a weekend.”

Weiss noted that most travel blogs direct their content to 25-45 year-old travelers. “That’s why we started Travel For Boomers. Baby Boomers are active, enthusiastic travelers who often have different priorities than less mature travelers, and certainly have different priorities than senior citizens. As Boomers ourselves, we can relate to those priorities and address them specifically on the blog. And we’re looking forward to reader input via the ‘comments’ feature.”

Weiss said she’s particularly proud of the roster of “Boomer” writers already on board and contributing posts, including veteran travel “hacker” and magazine columnist Cristine Krzyszton, who has amassed a million frequent flier miles; humor writer and seasoned frugal traveler Mars Candiotti; published author and award-winning freelance writer Bill Morris, who travels the world in search of the best fishing opportunities; and world traveler and film director Allen Weiss.

Producer/technical director Howie Rappaport and advertising/marketing director Shannon Watson round out the behind-the-scenes support system for Travel For

“We’re currently working on the design and branding of Travel For Boomers,” Weiss added, “so readers can expect to see some changes in the look of the blog in the near future.”

To follow Travel For Boomers, go to The blog also maintains a Facebook page.

About Travel For

Travel For is travel blog specifically for members of the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1964) who love to travel, want to travel, and want to do so inexpensively and comfortably. Its contributors are veteran world travelers located across the U.S. who address a variety of travel concerns specific to the Baby Boomer audience, from “travel hacking” to amass frequent flier miles and points, to exciting and unusual destinations for mature travelers who are clearly not “senior citizens” yet. For more information, go to


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