Veteran World Traveler, Cruise Specialist Joins “Travel For Boomers”

Pamela Scala brings her expertise to the new blog. 

Pamela Scala

December 7, 2011– Pamela Scala, a seasoned world traveler and cruise specialist, has joined Travel For Boomers, a new blog about a host of travel topics specifically for members of the “Baby Boomer” generation who either love to travel or want to travel, and want to do it as inexpensively and comfortably as possible.

Cruising, travel safety, and traveling with special dietary needs will be Scala’s focus on Travel For Boomers.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Pamela Scala studied Radio, television and film production with a sub-specialty in journalism. Her career has included working for a Chicago marketing firm, work with non-profits in board development, public relations, and event planning. Most recently she’s been involved in website development.

Known to her family as “Thrifty Pam,” Scala lives up to the moniker in her world travels by using frequent flier miles and rewards points to fly and stay in hotels for free. She’s also an expert at finding the best deals for luxury travel.

“I lived for 25 years in the Chicago area, where I did almost anything to get away from the weather,” she said. “Snow is a four-letter word, after all. Having had enough of that, my husband and I moved to a barrier island in Florida where we happily wear flip-flops year round.”

Her travel mantra is “Anywhere, anytime,” she said. “Back alleys and hidden storefronts don’t scare me. Biking where no motorized vehicles can go and people take their water buffalos for an afternoon walk is right on target. And luxury travel that includes flying in the front of the plane is the only way to go as long as it’s for free.”

A dedicated “travel hacker,” Scala uses a variety of methods to amass frequent flier miles and hotel rewards points. She brings that expertise, as well as her vast experience on cruise ships, to Travel For Boomers.

For more information on Travel For Boomers, visit

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