TRIG Modern Announces Exclusive Deal with ValDesign

Trig Modern
A ValDesign kitchen

Downtown Raleigh store now offers high-end Italian kitchen systems.

 Trig Modern, the modern furniture, lighting, and interior design store located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, is now the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill “Triangle” region’s exclusive dealer for ValDesign, The Alf Group’s contemporary kitchen cabinetry systems.

ValDesign systems are designed and manufactured in Italy’s Veneto region, which is internationally recognized as one of the best furniture manufacturing areas in the world. The collection features a choice of high-end woods, lacquered and matt oak, lacquered colors, metallic lacquered colors, Melamine, cement resin, PVC, and laminated casework with polished or etched glass.

Speaking for himself and interior designer Anne Marie Baum, Trig’s owner, Bob Drake, noted, “Both Ann Marie and I were immediately attracted to ValDesign because of its ability to accomplish so many functions through its beautiful simplicity, spectacular finishes, and quality manufacturing.”

ValDesign’s parent company, The Alf Group, dates back to the 1950s. A group of highly skilled, experienced Italian craftsmen founded a co-op in Francenigo (Treviso) to mass-produce wooden furniture. In just a few years Alf became a luminary member of the Italian woodworking market. As a result, the late Oliviero Piovesana and his brother bought the company and invested additional resources.

According to Furniture Fashion reviewer Ronique Gigson, ValDesign “has the calming, sedate feel that will always bring you down to earth and back home.  The simple, cube-like basics of this kitchen echo a little bit of mid-century retro in their attitude… The combination of modular, rectangular cabinets and geometric lines of shelving turns a blank wall into a contemporary piece of three-dimensional installation art.”

Trig Modern is having a ValDesign demonstration kitchen installed in the store this month. In the meantime, anyone interested can look through samples of the systems’ various materials and discuss the collection with Bob Drake or Ann Marie Baum.

Trig Modern is located at 328 West Jones Street in downtown Raleigh. For more information, visit or call 919.516.8744.

Trig Modern bcsAbout Trig Modern:

Opened in December 2012, Trig Modern is owned and operated by furniture and lighting designer Bob Drake. Through its combination of Modern and mid-century-inspired furniture, lighting, and accessories, as well as Modern kitchen and bath remodeling services, Trig’s mission is to present a realistic portrait of sensible living and offer an antidote to excess, formality, and convention. For more information visit, call 919.516.8744, and find Trig on Facebook at

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