Roster Update

I don’t often (in fact, I think I’ve never) posted anything on “blueplate pr: news & views” that wasn’t a press release generated for a client. However, the blueplate pr website — — is currently out of date (long story…having something to do with my website manager getting mugged in New Orleans), so I’m going to update the current roster here. Hopefully this will be reflected on the actual website very soon.

blueplate pr’s current clients include: 

Frank Harmon Architect PA, Raleigh, NC

Studio A Architecture, Inc., Charleston, SC

Triangle Modernist Houses, Durham, NC

Rick Ingersoll, “The Frugal Travel Guy,” Hilton Head, SC/Traverse City, MI

RHA Howell, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Author Cris Cohen, Cary, NC

Author T. Lyn Fletcher, Durham, NC

Photographer/Director Allen Weiss, Raleigh, NC

Artist Jason Craighead, Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Metro Magazine, Raleigh, NC

blueplate pr is a boutique public relations agency located in downtown Raleigh with a fee structure optimized for individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations with moderate marketing budgets.