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Thunderfoot Press Hires Blueplate PR To Promote New Premiere Title, Midland Club


thund-press-logoThunderfoot Press, a small publishing house in Orange County, NC, has commissioned Blueplate PR of Raleigh to market and promote its premiere title, Midland Club, a new murder mystery by Mark Spano with particular social relevance.

“November 8, 2016, marked the beginning of a surge in hate crimes in this country, including crimes directed at our LGBT citizens,” said Blueplate PR owner Kim Weiss. “The first time I read Midland Club, which is set in 1958, the relevance jumped off the page at me.

mc-cover_sm“Fear of that heinous type of crime informs how the book’s main character, Rich St. Pierre, responds to the death of a friend – a gay black man. Everyone in the mid-western city believes it was suicide. Rich knows better. I’m deeply honored to work with Thunderfoot Press to promote this gripping and relevant page-turner, which will remind readers of the best in noir filmmaking.”

Blueplate PR is a boutique public relations firm Weiss founded 2004. Since then she has promoted a variety of book genres, including business, fiction, humor, young adult fantasy, and supernatural. An award-winning journalist and former magazine editor, Weiss also ghostwrote and edited The Bridge Builders, a memoir of master landscape architect Richard C. Bell’s life and work. For more information, visit

Thunderfoot Press has published five works of fiction and a memoir by author and filmmaker Mark Spano.

Advance/review copies in paperback and digital editions are available by contacting Kim Weiss by phone (919.819.0064) or email: The book is available for purchase in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.

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Blueplate PR Announces Special, Limited Time “PR On A Platter” Package for 2017

Blueplate PRa boutique public relations agency in downtown Raleigh, is launching a new PR package today for architects who have big PR goals (exposure), big PR dreams (lots of exposure), and not-so-big 2017 PR budgets.

What’s included in the “PR On A Platter” package? 
  • Professional press releases, written by a former newspaper and magazine editor, on all the news your firm generates (new projects, completed projects, awards, new hires, etc., etc. You’ll be surprised by how much news you generate!).
  • Manual press release distribution to relevant media sources. (The media hate “e-blasts.” This is not that.)
  • Hand-picked submissions to appropriate online journals, e-zines, and blogs to raise your Internet presence immediately (very important since potential clients and media sources “Google” information today).
  • Professional pitches to traditional media: newspapers, magazines, television and radio. (The number is limited.)
  • An experienced and committed PR professional who actually knows your industry and delivers results.

Why is this a great deal for you?
Well, if you want all of that exposure for you and your work,
“PR On A Platter” will save you endless hours of…

…Chasing the right reporters who cover your industry and may be interested in your news.
…Waiting for return calls from deadline-driven journalists who don’t even know you’ve left many, many, many messages.
…Staring at the screen of your smartphone for weeks, waiting for reporters to get back to you.
…Wondering why your competitors keep getting “ink” and tons of new leads from the same journalists and reporters you’ve been trying to attract.

Since 2004, Blueplate PR’s message has been simple:

Get a lot for a little.” With our “PR On A Platter” package, we continue to deliver on this promise.
So… what’s it going to cost? Very little, actually. 

For a flat-fee of $700 per month (with a recurring commitment of six months or more), you’ll enjoy our “no billable hours, no surprises” promise and achieve the PR results you want from a professional public relations expert with a track record of securing tons of media attention for her clients.


So – ready to Order Up?
 Call Kim Weiss today at 919.819.0064,
or email her:

   *NOTE: This offer expires January 31, 2017, is available only for new clients and requires at least a 6-month commitment, payable on the first of each month.

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The Raleigh Architecture Co. Selects Blueplate PR as Agency of Record

Boutique public relations agency to direct PR campaign for one of

Raleigh Architecture

The Raleigh Architecture Co. logo

Raleigh’s most sought-after design-build firms.

The Raleigh Architecture Company (RACo), one of the most sought-after design-build firms in the Triangle, has selected Blueplate PR, a boutique public relations agency, as its public relations agency of record.

Blueplate PR owner Kim Weiss will work with RACo owners Robby Johnston, AIA, and Craig Kerins, AIA, to increase awareness of the up-and-coming design-build firm on local, state, and national levels; to enhance the firm’s public image; and to build its brand through media relations, Internet presence, social media engagement, and community outreach.

“Robby and Craig are incredibly talented young architects,” said Weiss. “They consistently produce innovative, environmentally responsible, Modern designs rendered in craftsman-quality construction for clients who have nothing but praise for the process,” said Weiss. “Their stories, their work, and their exemplary client services deserve to be shared with the public and the profession. I’m honored and excited to work with Robby, Craig and their entire team at The Raleigh Architecture Company.”

Located in downtown Raleigh, Blueplate PR is the only public relations firm in the Southeast that specializes in architecture and architecture-related businesses, organizations, and non-profits. For more information, visit

The Raleigh Architecture Company is also located in downtown Raleigh, in the Warehouse District, at 502 South West Street. For more information, visit

About The Raleigh Architecture Company

The Raleigh Architecture Company is an award-winning design-build firm specializing in Modern sustainable architecture, and craftsman-quality construction. As licensed architects and general contractors, we consider designing and building to be one integrated process. This streamlined approach empowers us to meet our clients’ economic expectations and to seamlessly execute high quality details, both small and large. Our office and shop are located under one roof in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District at 502 S. West Street. For more information visit, call 919.831.2995, or email:

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From Residential Architect magazine: “Publish or Perish”

Residential Architect magazine is one of the best professional journals covering architecture today. It its November-December 2011 edition, editor Claire Conroy hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head in an editorial that applies not just to architects, but to all professions, businesses, and non-profits: It is no longer enough to “hang your shingle” and take out a Yellow Page ad. Without good, consistent marketing and/or public relations efforts, you will drown in the sea of competition. She begins by addressing the reasons behind the magazine’s choices for its first ever “RA 50: a short list of architects we love.” What she says after that applies to anyone who wants to rise to the top of his or her field and stay there. — Kim Weiss, Blueplate PR

publish or perish

…find your own way to let the world know how great you are.

By:  S. Claire Conroy

Welcome to our first-ever ra50—the short list of architects whose work we admire. We know and

Claire Conroy, editor, Residential Architect

appreciate a great number of other residential architects, but this collection comprises the ones whose names keep rising to the top—of our design awards programs, of our case studies waiting for a place in the magazine, and of our roster of cover profile subjects.

There are some practitioners here who’ve come to our attention through sheer talent and dedication alone—well, maybe just one: Glenn Murcutt. The rest have combined undeniable talent with hard work, and, yes, self-promotion. That self-promotion may only take the form of entering—and winning—design competitions, but that effort wins our attention.

Good marketing is an imperative these days. Architects can no longer get by with just a listing in the Yellow Pages, as one well-known practitioner once told me he did. Come to think of it, his practice has largely evaporated.  Read more…

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Umicore Building Products USA Hires Blueplate PR

To provide public relations services for the global company’s VMZINC® products and applications.

August 8, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) – Umicore Buildings Products USA, Inc., has hired Blueplate PR in Raleigh, NC, to provide public relations services for its Raleigh-based architectural products and services, specifically VMZINC, the architectural zinc manufactured by Umicore.

The VMZINC brand name represents a full range of titanium-zinc products in the form of sheets, coils and manufactured products and systems. Dan Nicely, director of market development for VMZINC and an associate member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), says he wants to “demystify” zinc as a building product and make a broader audience aware of its value and contribution to sustainable building design and construction.

“Zinc has been used on buildings in Europe for 200 years,” he said. “At least 80 percent of the roofs in Paris are covered in zinc, which can last 100 years or more. Yet Americans tend to think of zinc as exotic and expensive. We’re ready to make zinc a household word, and we believe Blueplate PR can help us do just that.”

Kim Weiss, principal of Blueplate PR and a former architecture journalist, first became aware of VMZINC® when Umicore Building Products USA donated the material for the roof of the new AIA North Carolina Center for Architecture & Design that is under construction in downtown Raleigh. Frank Harmon Architect PA, another Blueplate PR client, designed the building.

“The warm reddish-brown color of the zinc roof is going to be the crowing jewel of the building,” she said. “And it contributes to the building’s sustainability. Very little energy is used to produce zinc, and it is a low-maintenance, naturally occurring material that lasts longer than other metal roof choices. Any construction waste can be recycled through local scrap metal dealers and it is easily recycled at the end of its use. I agree that it is time more people — from architects and builders to homeowners – to realize what an excellent choice it is. I’m honored to be part of the mission.”

For more information on VMZINC, go to

For more information on Blueplate PR, visit

About Umicore Building Products USA, Inc:

Umicore is a world-leading producer of architectural zinc. For over 160 years, Umicore has been providing innovative solutions for building owners, architects and contractors. Umicore has offices and representatives all over the world. In the United States, Umicore Building Products USA, Inc., is based in Raleigh, NC. For additional information, visit

About Blueplate PR:

Blueplate PR is a boutique public relations agency located in downtown Raleigh that provides traditional and non-traditional media relations, Internet presence, and professional writing services for small businesses, individuals and non-profits. Owned and operated by award-winning journalist Kim Weiss, Blueplate PR is the only PR agency in the region with keen knowledge of the architectural professional and architecture-related businesses and organizations. For more information visit

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NC Author T. Lyn Fletcher Hires Blueplate PR

To increase awareness, promote upcoming book series Twisted and  Turned.

April 20, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) – Emerging North Carolina author T. Lyn Fletcher has hired Blueplate PR of Raleigh to increase awareness of and to promote her upcoming book series, Twisted and Turned.

Author T. Lyn Fletcher

A medical software designer by day and a member of the philanthropic Fletcher family of Raleigh, NC, T. Lyn Fletcher began writing Twisted and Turned on June 1, 2010. The series is now with editor Jill Yris of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and illustrator Darla Yanko of Cary, NC.

According to Fletcher, Twisted and Turned “will take fans of supernatural and occult literature on a journey unlike any they’ve experienced before – including Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and The Southern Vampire Mysteries [the basis for the TV series ‘True Blood].”

“I’ll admit I was skeptical at first,” said Kim Weiss, founder and principal of Blueplate PR. “The vampire/supernatural genre is pretty cluttered today. I wanted to know was why Lyn believes Twisted and Turned will rise above the rest. Ten minutes later I knew. And after she shared several chapters with me, I was convinced that her series is unique and will absolutely set the genre on its head. I’ve never seen a cast of characters as intriguing and exciting, or a plot line more complex and intricate. Fans of this genre have a lot to look forward to.”

Fletcher’s recent appearance at the EyeCon Celebrity Autograph Convention in Atlanta confirmed Weiss’ optimism. Fletcher reported that the crowd that visited the Twisted and Turned booth was “very excited” and everyone signed up to receive updates on the series’ progress.

“Genre book reviewers are already requesting review copies as soon as they are available,” Weiss noted.

The Twisted and Turned website – — will launch soon. The Facebook page is already active.

“This is going to be a exciting adventure,” Weiss said. “I’m honored that Lyn has entrusted Blueplate PR with the publicity surrounding Twisted and Turned.”

For more information on T. Lyn Fletcher and Twisted and Turned, visit

For more information on Blueplate PR, visit

About Blueplate PR:

Owned by award-winning journalist Kim Weiss, Blueplate PR is a boutique public relations agency located in downtown Raleigh, NC, with a fee structure optimized for small businesses, individuals and non-profits with moderate marketing budgets. Clients include architects and architecture-related organizations, artists, authors and bloggers, and non-profit organizations.

book art by Darla Yanko

About Twisted and Turned:

A true love story of supernatural proportions, Twisted and Turned is an upcoming series of books by T. Lyn Fletcher. The series begins with an archangel in heaven who falls so deeply in love with a human soul that she arranges to be born on earth in the same place where this soul will be born. The soul actually becomes twins – stunningly handsome twin vampires. Yet the archangel is destined to find and fall in love with one of the twins – even though her natural instinct is to destroy demons. She even bears children from this unlikely union. And the books unfold as a never-ending conflict between good and evil, angels and demons, and passion and control – with an emphasis on passion. To follow the development of the series, visit and the T. Lyn Fletcher Facebook page. To arrange an interview with Fletcher contact Kim Weiss at or call 919-272-8615.

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Roster Update

I don’t often (in fact, I think I’ve never) posted anything on “blueplate pr: news & views” that wasn’t a press release generated for a client. However, the blueplate pr website — — is currently out of date (long story…having something to do with my website manager getting mugged in New Orleans), so I’m going to update the current roster here. Hopefully this will be reflected on the actual website very soon.

blueplate pr’s current clients include: 

Frank Harmon Architect PA, Raleigh, NC

Studio A Architecture, Inc., Charleston, SC

Triangle Modernist Houses, Durham, NC

Rick Ingersoll, “The Frugal Travel Guy,” Hilton Head, SC/Traverse City, MI

RHA Howell, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Author Cris Cohen, Cary, NC

Author T. Lyn Fletcher, Durham, NC

Photographer/Director Allen Weiss, Raleigh, NC

Artist Jason Craighead, Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Metro Magazine, Raleigh, NC

blueplate pr is a boutique public relations agency located in downtown Raleigh with a fee structure optimized for individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations with moderate marketing budgets.