Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh Welcomes New Staff Members

April 29, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) –  Lather, a Raleigh hair salon, has announced the addition of Schuyler Kathleen Smith to its staff. Smith is the salon’s new full-time coordinator.

Smith’s responsibilities include coordinating the salon’s schedule and appointment book.  She answers all incoming calls and makes daily reminder calls for clients.  She keeps up with hair care information and uses her knowledge to update the Raleigh hair salon’s “Hair Academy 101” Blog ( She also pays special attention to the front of the salon, making sure all the products are well organized and answering any questions or concerns clients may have.

Smith recently hired a part-time coordinator, Meagan Spangler, to help with the Raleigh hair salon during evening hours and on Saturdays.

Originally from Raleigh, Schuyler Smith moved to San Diego, California, after graduating from Western Carolina University in 2006 with a degree in criminal justice. She also served as vice president of Delta Zeta sorority at WCU and as a role-model blogger.

In San Diego, Smith worked for an insurance company and in various fine-dining establishments where she rose quickly to team leader. She returned to Raleigh in October 2008 and worked as a coordinator for “It’s Just Lunch,” a dating service for busy singles, until IJL was sold and moved to Florida. Her former manager introduced her to Lather Hair Salon’s owner Jessica Williams.

“I am super excited to work at Lather because I love keeping up with the different styles and trends people can have with their hair,” Smith said. “Your hairstyle can make you feel so unique and fresh. I love being in an environment that leaves people walking out the door happy. And the girls here are beyond welcoming. It’s such a fun atmosphere to be in.”

Lather is a full-service, upscale Raleigh hair salon located at 8521 Cantilever Way near the corner of Glenwood Ave./Highway 70 and Ebenezer Church Road. For more information, including business hours and the salon’s “Hair Academy” blog, go to Lather is also available on Facebook and at

From Lather Hair Salon: Hair Care for Hard Times

March 2, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) — Lets face it.  In this climate of economic insecurity, taking care of your hair isn’t quite the priority it once was. You may not be able to handle the cost of a monthly haircut, much less color maintenance. So here are some tips from the professional stylists at Lather, a Raleigh hair salon,  to help you stretch the time between maintenance visits, save some money, and still take good care of your hair:

* Choose a low maintenance hairstyle.  A “bob “is high on the list of cost effective cuts that last for months.

* This a great time to change hair color habits. Avoid dramatic colors reminiscent of crayola. They require a huge amount of maintenance.

* Consider low lights instead of high-lights. Low lights last for months.

* If you simply love your highlights and can’t imagine life with them, try to keep them a bit more subtle — no more then four shades lighter then your own natural hair. You won’t have to touch them up nearly as often.

* For those who want to cover up just a little grey, opt for a demi-permanent dye similar to your own color. This will last six to nine weeks with NO re-growth lines.

* For those who need to cover a lot of grey, keep it natural.  Get a permanent color that is within one to two shades of your natural hair color.

* Root Lifts are a great “economically friendly” way to maintain highlights without having to pay for a full or partial highlight every time.

* Excessive shampooing and conditioning can leave hair full of residue and it strips the hair of it’s natural oils. Reducing the frequency of shampooing will allow your hair’s natural oils to do the job of conditioning and save you some money on product purchases.

* Referrals. Stylists are always on the look out for new clients, and almost all of them will show their appreciation if you refer a friend or two to them.

To see many more hints and tips from Lather‘s team of professional stylists, visit the Raleigh hair salon‘s blog — “Hair Academy 101.”

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