Allen Weiss Hired To Create Showcase Video for “The Frugal Travel Guy”

Director/photographer Allen Weiss
Director/photographer Allen Weiss

April 29, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) – Rick Ingersoll, the author of The Frugal Travel Guy blog and The Frugal Travel Guy Handbook, has commissioned director/photographer Allen Weiss of Raleigh, NC, to create a showcase video of his presentation on travel hacking for use by meeting and conference planners.

Rick Ingersoll is an internationally recognized expert at amassing frequent flier miles, getting airline and hotel vouchers, and a host of other “travel hacking” methods that have allowed him and his wife to travel the globe for free, or nearly free, for years.

A retired mortgage banker, Ingersoll started The Frugal Travel Guy blog to further his desire to teach others how to do what he does so that they, too, can enjoy traveling for the rest of their lives. He’s especially interested in reaching people who think they can’t afford to travel.

Ingersoll’s blog averages over 5000 views a day by readers throughout the United States and around the world, but he’s interested in taking his message directly to the public through speaking engagements and seminars. Weiss’s video will demonstrate Ingersoll’s interaction with live audiences and his relaxed, off-the-cuff manner of speaking.

Rick Ingersoll, The Frugal Travel Guy

“The Frugal Travel Guy” recently gave a travel-hacking presentation at the Capital City Club in downtown Raleigh for Chix in Business, an organization for women in business in the Raleigh area. Weiss was on hand to capture key moments for the video.

Allen Weiss is an accomplished filmmaker/videographer with many public service announcements (PSAs) and short films to his credit. Among other works on film and video, he created an AIDS-related PSA that won Best in Show at the Addy Awards, a major fundraising short film for the Methodist Home for Children, a PSA for the NC Holocaust Memorial, the KidsVotingNC PSA before the 2008 election, and a promo piece for the North Carolina Symphony.

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About Allen Weiss

After 15 years as a professional photographer in Raleigh and New York, Allen Weiss turned his attention towards short films, public service announcements and television commercials, both regionally and internationally. Recently, he launched Allen Weiss: Works on Film & Paper to offer still photography of all varieties, film and video (director, DP, cameraman), and freelance writing/branding. For more information visit