Setzer Eyes Another World Superyacht Award


April 21, 2009 (CARY, NC, USA) – Setzer Design Group’s Marama is a finalist for the 2010 World Superyachts Awards.

Marama – Fijan for “lady” —  is a full-displacement expedition yacht built by Delta Marine in 2008. Marama was designed and built to an extreme seaworthy criterion permitting her to take on all the challenges of the South Pacific where she’s spent most of her time.

A robust and seaworthy superyacht, Marama features elegant styling with a mahogany interior reminiscent of classic sailing yachts. With her 23,600-gallon fuel capacity Marama’s range – 9,200 nautical miles — exceeds virtually any yachts of similar size, according to Delta Marine.

Winners of the World Superyachts Awards will be announced during a ceremony to be held May 16, 2009, at the historic Guildhall in London. For more information, go to

Founded by yacht architect Ward Setzer in 1991, Setzer Design Group has received eight International Superyacht Society Design Awards and multiple Showboats Awards. For more information on Setzer Design Group, visit

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Setzer Design Launches New, Modern Website

October 22, 2008 (CARY, NC, USA) – Setzer Design Group, an international leader in yacht design, is pleased to announce the launch of its new state-of-the-art website at

Along with evocative black and white images that greet visitors who enter the site, those familiar with the Setzer brand will notice a refined and modern look throughout the site and a new logo emphasizing the studio’s summary of its services.

“We believe the look and feel of our studio is defined by our past, present and future,” said yacht architect Ward Setzer. “This new site was crafted to tell just that, and our new logo summarizes what 17 years of interior, exterior and hull form design has defined in one unique brand.”

The new site features a Gallery page that scrolls laterally to reveal full-color images of Setzer’s yachts, including interior and exterior detailing. The Projects pages showcase Setzer’s award-winning “Original Collections” – from the 210-foot Sword Dance to the 34-foot Impulse Express – as well as the new, groundbreaking “Vision Line” of futuristic Super Yacht designs that are attracting builder and buyer attention on a global scale. Within the Projects section, a group of “New Projects” is listed representing current and recent designs on the studio’s boards, such as Setzer’s collaborations with Kingbay builders in China and Fittipaldi Yachts in Brazil and Burger. Further projects from Donzi’s 92- foot and the studio’s new 65 meter axe bow will be posted soon.

The new website’s Studio page offers visitors a glimpse inside the thoughts and design processes within the design studio. The Press section serves up the latest news from the Setzer studio, as well as all the media coverage and Setzer’s growing list of awards.

“We hope the new site will help all viewers navigate to the heart of who we are and what we love to do, and maybe take away at least a feeling of what makes a Setzer project unique,” Setzer said.

Ward Setzer founded Setzer Design Group in 1991. Before that, he served as staff designer for the late J.B. Hargrave and, later, manager of Hatteras Yachts Custom Division. The studio’s custom and production vessels have received numerous awards, including three Super Yacht Society awards, and have been featured in many industry magazines and journals over the firm’s history. To see the site, visit

Setzer’s new look will also be on display in the Builder/Designer tent at the Fort Lauderdale Boat show October 30 to November 3, 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Setzer Inks Two New Contracts

October 6, 2008 (CARY, NC, USA) —  Setzer Design Group, one of the world’s premiere yacht designers, has signed contracts with two new clients for two very different vessels.


A well-known boat builder in the sport fishing industry has asked Setzer to design a 92-foot/28-meter semi-custom sport fishing vessel that will embody the same refined, and high-end pedigree as Setzer’s larger vessels along with the Builder’s own reputation for its lines of luxury sport fishing yachts.  


According to yacht architect Ward Setzer, principal of the award-winning studio, this yacht will serve as a “super-sized” tender for a far larger support vessel mega-yacht. The new hull form, with its grand, sweeping sheer line and clean open bow deck, will deliver 40 knots of top-end speed while offering up to three large guest and owner’s staterooms as well as both crew and captain’s staterooms. The bridge design will be an open style with later models offering a fully enclosed bridge. The cockpit will feature all the typical fishing amenities as well as a grill and refrigerator/freezer center and aft lanai deck with seating port and starboard. Under the lanai and outside the oversized engine room will be multi-purpose machinery and locker space for work areas, electric panels, scuba gear, and more. Overall the design will be a very refined and heavily detailed, mega-fishing machine, according to yacht architect Ward Setzer.


Setzer Design Group is also under contract with a Middle Eastern client to design a refined 210-foot/65-meter sister ship to Brazen Sea, the modern, futuristic flagship of the studio’s new Vision Line of superyachts, which Yacht-Premier magazine has praised as “intelligently conceived and skillfully designed, carefully studied down to the very last detail. [Brazen Sea] boasts technical installations and fittings among the best and most up-to-date currently available in the superyacht category.” The vessel should be presented for tendering purposes the first of November.


This new superyacht design is partially inspired by the industry’s recent experimentation with the classic plumb/Axe type of bow, according to Setzer. Following the lead of Brazen Sea and yet striving for an even sleeker, more refined look, the studio is working with the client to accommodate the family’s spatial needs and to create outdoor spaces that embrace the ocean environment in every aspect of the design. Within six levels of decks, the design will feature multiple guest cabins including VIP staterooms on the main deck, a fair-weather master suite on the upper-most deck, and a foul-weather master suite below decks.


Crew accommodations on Brazen Sea’s sister ship will include at least 16 cabins and large service spaces, such as a professional laundry, three galley spaces, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, bulk goods storage and more. A central stairwell and elevator will form a service core through the middle of the vessel running up through 5 deck levels. There will be a garage aft with space for two eight-meter tenders as well as multiple jet skis. There will be an infinity pool on the aft deck and a private owner’s pool on the top deck. The bow deck will feature another garage for a 6.5 meter crew tender and a helicopter landing zone.


Overall this represents an exciting new project for Setzer Design Group that will allow it to bring one of its latest Vision Line products to life, complete with innovations and details within the refined lines that have become the hallmark of the Cary, North Carolina-based studio.


These and other new Setzer superyacht designs will be featured in the studio’s display at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show on October 30. To follow updates to these projects and to see the complete Vision Line, visit the booth in the Designers/Builders Tent at Bahia Mar.


For more information on the Setzer studio, visit, or call Ward Setzer directly at 919-859-7014.



Superyacht UK Tour Proves The Time Is Right For Setzer Design Group’s New “Vision”

May 15, 2008 (CARY, NC) – When superyacht architect Ward Setzer of Setzer Design Group joined the 2008 Superyacht United Kingdom Tour of Excellence in April, he was after more than a good look at Britain’s shipyards and updates on the UK supply chain. He was also looking for proof that a new series of futuristic vessels he’s been designing since the first of the year is both valid and timely.

He returned from the trip convinced that he’s right on target.

Setzer Design Group, headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, is well known worldwide for designing both modern and classic vessels of all sizes that boast sea-worthy hull forms, design innovations, and elegant refinement. For 17 years, the studio has turned out over 200 power and sailing vessels that, above all else, are thoroughly capable of being built and taken to sea.

With that experience, reputation, and pedigree as his foundation, and with the encouragement he received during the UK tour, Setzer is now preparing to introduce a new series of superyachts (130 ft. to 300 ft., or 40-100 meters). After attending numerous boat shows over the past year, he believes these vessels will “challenge the established tastes so ingrained in the yachting community, which, at its heart, wants to see change.” He calls it his “Vision Series.”

Ward Setzer was the only yacht designer and the only American on the tour. He spent his days in Britain surrounded by brokers and builders from around the globe, including China, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Finland, Monaco, and Russia. The group also toured large, prestigious shipyards such as Pendennis and Devonport.

“In some ways, this was a fact-finding mission. I’m always looking for quality shipyards, so any opportunity to tour yards and understand their various attributes is very valuable,” said Setzer, who has been on similar tours in New Zealand, Holland and Italy. “I also needed to gain a greater understanding of British superyacht services.”

But mostly he listened to what his peers in the industry were talking about and most excited by.

“This trip solidified and reinforced my focus on the new series,” he said. “The timing is not only right for us to step up to the new cutting edge of our Industry, but also to venture out upon its very tip, so to speak. If we fail to challenge popular, established tastes, we’re simply following the status quo. That’s not what made our studio a dominant player over the years and certainly not what will take us into 2010 and beyond.”

Setzer Design Studio will begin releasing images and details of the Vision Series this summer.

The British Marine Federation, the trade association for the British boating industry, sponsored the tour, which included stops in London; South Hampton; Falmouth, and Newquay. The group also toured the HMS Victory, built between 1759 and 1765, now in dry dock at Portsmouth’s Royal Naval Dockyard and used as a living museum to the Royal Navy.

Setzer is now planning similar tours of China and Taiwan in his on-going quest to gain as much insight as possible into the future of the superyacht industry.

Ward Setzer, former staff designer for the late J.B. Hargrave and, later, manager of Hatteras Yachts Custom Division, founded Setzer Design Group in 1991. The studio’s custom and production vessels have received numerous awards, including three Super Yacht Society awards, and have been in many industry magazines and journals. For more information, visit