Out of the Shadows: Wrongly Accused “Mole” Sheds Light on Infamous Traitors During Raleigh Spy Conference

March 21, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) — Brian Kelley, former counterintelligence officer for the CIA who was mistakenly a accused of being the mole who turned out to be Robert Hanssen, will open the Fifth Annual Raleigh Spy Conference on Wednesday, March 26, with an in-depth and revealing discussion on infamous traitors: why they crossed the line, how they managed to elude detection for as long as they did, the level of damage their crimes inflicted on this country, and how they were identified and brought to justice. His presentation will begin at 7 p.m. in the N.C. Museum of History in downtown Raleigh.

According to Conference founder Bernie Reeves, Kelly will draw on “first-hand knowledge for an intriguing presentation that traces the infamous careers of two of the most notorious traitors in US history — Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen – and a third shadowy figure, former State Department officer Felix Bloch, presently living near Raleigh in Chapel Hill.”

Brian Kelley retired from the CIA in 2007 following a 42-year career, which included 20 years as a United States Air Force officer. During his careers with the USAF and the CIA, he was a specialist in counterintelligence, serving as a case officer for both organizations. In this capacity, he was a case officer in double agent operations as well as in counterespionage investigations.

Among the awards Kelly received during his CIA career were the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal; Intelligence Achievement Medal; Commendation Medal and the “Collector of the Year,” which was presented to him by the Director of CIA. His most recent publications include, “Counterintelligence Support to Law Enforcement” which was published in the International Crime and Justice Journal in August 2007 and “Twin Traitors: the Stories of Jonathan Pollard and Ana Montes,” which was published in the fall of 2007 by the American Intelligence Journal.

Dan Mulvenna, a former member of the Security Service of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, will join Kelley in the discussion. Mulvenna’s career began with a brief period of service in the Personnel Security and Counter Subversion Branches. He has worked as a case officer, Unit Supervisor and Desk Head in both the field and at Headquarters, focusing on Russian operations for the remainder of his Security Service career. In 1997 and 2003 he organized and led the “Spy Moscow Intelligence Conferences.” This year he will lead a “Cold War Intelligence Conference” in Moscow.

For details on the Raleigh Spy Conference, including the full schedule of speakers and reservations, go to http://www.raleighspyconference.com.


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