Dan After Dark: Music Blog Brings 20-Something Vibe To Raleigh Metro Magazine’s Online Offerings

Dan and his Vespa troll the Triangle for music.
Dan and his Vespa troll the Triangle for music.

July 30, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) — Raleigh Metro Magazine assistant editor Dan Reeves, a self-described “27-year-old kid who is really into music,” is now bringing his passion for the subject — and his willingness to track it down from the seat of his bright red Vespa — to the magazine’s website through his new blog “Dan After Dark” (http://danafterdark.blogspot.com/).

Among other topics, Dan After Dark recently served up an assortment of tidbits, including a YouTube clip of Neil Young covering the Beatles’ “A Day In The Life;” an insightful blurb on Guided By Voices’ former front man and artist Robert Pollard; a sarcastic take on Lincoln Theater’s “bevy of [metal and power rock] cover bands this summer;” and a skeptical view of M. Ward’s and Zooey Deschnell’s pairing up as “She and Him.”

“There is just something fishy about an ‘indie’ (god I hate that word) musician like M. Ward toting a Hollywood ingénue around,” Dan writes, “hopefully not just because they are like tooootally in love.”

When asked recently why he launched Dan After Dark, Dan said, “I guess the ‘why’ could be based around a guy in his late twenties, suffering from a touch of world weariness, just wanting to tell Metro Magazine readers what’s good, bad, and ugly as far as local entertainment goes.  I just think a younger voice with a dash of sarcasm and humor coming from the web page of the more adult / mature Metro will add some flavor. “

Philip van Vleck, a patriarch of music coverage and criticism in the Triangle, has been writing for the print pages of Metro since its inception in 1999.

To keep up with Dan After Dark, stay tuned to  http://danafterdark.blogspot.com.

For more information on Raleigh Metro Magazine, visit  http://www.metronc.com.


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