“Fool’s Gold,” Now Available on DVD, Features Setzer-Designed Superyacht

Status Quo/Keri Lee as "Precious Gem" in "Fool's Gold."
Status Quo/Keri Lee as "Precious Gem" in "Fool's Gold."

July 29, 2008 (CARY, NC, USA) – “Fool’s Gold,” the film starring Matthew McConaughay, Kate Hudson and Donald Sutherland that was recently released on DVD, is more than a light-hearted tale of romance, comedy and hunting for lost treasure. It’s also a showcase for a sleek, 138-foot superyacht designed by Ward Setzer, principal of Setzer Design Group in Cary.

“Precious Gem,” as the vessel is called in the movie, is actually the original Status Quo, later renamed Keri Lee, designed by Setzer and produced by Richmond Yachts in Vancouver, British Columbia. Launched in 2004, she’s now owned by Lee Group Charters in Queensland, Australia, where the film was shot.

The tri-deck vessel features six staterooms all with ensuite and separate baths. There are four separate dining areas, two spas, a dance floor, two bars, a gaming table, and multiple entertainment systems. The interior’s main saloon and adjoining dining areas feature rich, dark woods balanced by lighter toned furnishings – characteristics of Setzer’s approach to his world-renowned classically appointed yachts.

According to Lee Group’s website, charter fees start at $120,000 a week.

Keri Lee is without a doubt the best Australian registered superyacht available for charter in Australian and South Pacific waters,” Lee Group Charters claims.

“It was unique to see one of our designs on the big screen,” said Ward Setzer, “and although others would never know, I could pick up on all the little things that uniquely tagged it as our work. Of course I could also pick up on all the things that were uniquely Hollywood-inspired beyond the realities of actual usage. But overall it was fun to see friends’ and family’s reactions.”

Setzer, former staff designer for the late J.B. Hargrave and, later, manager of Hatteras Yachts Custom Division, founded Setzer Design Group in 1991. The studio’s custom and production vessels have received numerous awards, including three Super Yacht Society awards, and have been in many industry magazines and journals. For more information, and to see Status Quo, visit  http://www.setzerdesign.com.


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