Outspoken Metro Magazine Editor To Discusss Upcoming Elections on WRAL-TV’s “Headline Saturday”

Bernie Reeves
Bernie Reeves

August 15, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) – Bernie Reeves, the outspoken editor and publisher behind Raleigh Metro Magazine, will join WRAL’s David Crabtree and representatives from the daily News & Observer on “Headline Saturday,” a half-hour news analysis show that airs on WRAL-TV at 7 p.m. each Saturday.

This week’s topic will be the upcoming election, and Reeves has already had plenty to say about it in his monthly column “My Usual Charming Self” and his “Between Issues” column on Metro’s website.

He has accused the Democratic contenders of “blather[ing] on about the poor economy and the recession that just won’t arrive, forgetting the valiant success Bush achieved to lead us out of the mortgage-backed securities scandal that rocked Wall Street and Main Street only a few weeks ago.”

He has called the “Obama phenomenon another suicidal Democrat tempest in a primary teapot heated by a mentally enfeebled media that reports party news releases as truth.”

And back in June, long before it became the talking point on every news cycle, Reeves wrote that Hillary Clinton would stage a “palace coup” at the Democratic Convention:

“Poor Obama is out on the ledge fending off the push. I suspect that as he dithers and dodges in an attempt to coagulate his views from campaign hot air into actual campaign policy, Hillary’s Palace Guard is watching intently, waiting to pounce with a lawsuit against the Party for denying her delegates and polishing press releases stating she is the only chance the Democrats have to beat McCain. The road to Denver is paved with pitfalls for candidate Obama. I don’t think he will leave town with the nomination.”

“Headline Saturday” focuses on in-depth discussion and analysis of the week’s top headlines. Recent topics have included gangs in the Triangle, social security, Pope Benedict XVI, and downtown development. The show is also a weekly preview of the News & Observer’s “Q Section” on Sundays. For more information, go to http://www.wral.com.

To read Bernie Reeves commentary, go to http://www.metronc.com or visit his blog at http://www.metronc.blogspot.com


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