Studio A To Expand and “Green” Charleston City Paper Offices

October 21, 2008 (CHARLESTON, SC) –  Whitney Powers, AIA, principal of Studio A Architecture in Charleston, has been hired to expand, improve and “green up” the offices of the Charleston City Paper at 1049 Morrison Drive.

As the organizer and sponsor for the Charleston Green Fair, held in Francis Marion Square on September 28, the City Paper is effectively putting its money where its mouth is by calling on a “green” architect to make its office more environmentally responsible.

“The City Paper’s offices are in a fun, 1940s-era, moderne building in a quasi-industrial area poised for redevelopment,” said Powers, whose firm is widely recognized as a leader is sustainable architecture. “And it’s a building that hasn’t been touched, other than with new carpeting and an occasional partition, since it was built. Our overall goal is to create a better working environment to improve productivity. So besides enlarging the physical space, we’ll focus on methods for improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality.”

The first phase of the multi-phased project will involve relocating the paper’s sales staff into an 1800-square-foot space recently vacated by a previous tenant. This will expand the total usable space from 3000 square feet to 4500 square feet.

Exterior landscaping is also a priority in phase one, Powers said. Morrison Drive is a major artery to the Charleston port, so a steady stream of large trucks passes by the building every day, creating noise and dust. Landscaping will help buffer both.

Another key component of the building’s upgrade is a planned atrium and skylight to “bring the outdoors in,” Powers said, and to contribute to indoor air quality.

Other “green” improvements will include replacing single-pane windows with double-paned for better insulation; replacing old plumbing fixtures and the current heating and air conditioning system with high-efficiency fixtures and systems; adding energy-efficient lighting; and selecting interior finishes that contribute to indoor air quality. A vegetated, or “green,” roof is also under consideration, Powers noted.

The City Paper is an alternative newspaper serving the greater Charleston area, covering news as well as the arts and entertainment scene. For more information, visit

For more information on Whitney Powers and Studio A, Inc, visit


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