Raleigh Salon Makes The Most of Bb.U. In NYC

Jack Ray, Joelle Ray, Kristina Weeks, Laura Andrews
L-R: Jack Ray, Joelle Ray, Kristina Weeks, Laura Andrews

December 15, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) – Four stylists, the owners and the marketing manager of Samuel Cole Salon in North Raleigh recently traveled to New York City to spend four days immersed in Bumble & bumble University (Bb.U.), a full-time advanced educational facility for stylists, owners and salon managers located in the heart of the city’s historic Meatpacking District.

Stylists Britt Crane, Sara Beard, Eric Lockhart and Kristina Weeks attended Bb.U.’s “Design Studio” for experienced hairdressers who want to sharpen their skills and expand their repertoire. The Studio covers the techniques of hair graduation, square layers, round layers and long layers through lectures, demonstrations, hands-on cutting exercises, technical guidance, and structured feedback.

“It was amazing, as always,” Sara Beard said of the experience. “Bumble is such an inspiring place. The atmosphere is great: You’re surrounded by so many creative people and a level of energy you just can’t recreate anywhere else. They’re obviously so passionate about what they do – that it’s such an art form. It’s also great being in New York. It’s such a magical place.”

Meanwhile, Joelle Ray and Laura Andrews attended BbU’s “Immersion II” class. Ray co-owns Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie (also in North Raleigh) with her husband, master stylist Jack Ray. Andrews is the salon’s marketing manager.

The Immersion II class is an advanced course that offers salon owners and managers strategies for effective employee management and relations, advanced financial management, and communication competency techniques through workshops and lectures. Participants learn how to create a strong, service-oriented culture in their salons. They also learn how to best nurture their employees and successful coaching techniques.

“It was fantastic,” Joelle Ray said. “The focus on leadership and service development will take our salon to the next level and help me improve my skills. I received great information on running the front desk and on guest services so that we can better care for our clients. It’s also always inspirational just to be there – at B&b and in New York City.”

Jack Ray continued his education as a certified Bumble & bumble network educator. This certification allows him to teach the same B&b stylist education programs in Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie, that are offered at Bb.U. He participated in “Network Educator II,” a three-day, advanced course that gives participants new tools for enhancing their skills as leaders in the salon environment .The course includes six categories: Advanced Presentation Skills, Customer Service, Advanced Product Knowledge, Creative Styling, Team-Building and Understanding the Educational Needs of the Salon.

“Participating in Bumble & bumble’s world-class education is motivating and inspiring,” Ray said. “The education I receive helps me to be the best educator I can be for our teams of stylists at Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie. I can offer them the same classes they would get at Bb.U. It’s a honor to work alongside the B&b educators and stylists in New York – to be a part of that team as a Network Educator myself.”

Samuel Cole Salon is located at 240 Newton Road, Raleigh. For more information, visit http://www.samuelcole.com.


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