A Different Kind of “Love Triangle”

April 29, 2010 (DURHAM, NC) – Recent Past Preservation Network (RPPN), the national non-profit organization that promotes the preservation of modern architecture, has published an eight-page feature called “Love Triangle” in the April RPPN Bulletin, their online magazine.

But in this version, there’s no steamy sex. Tiger Woods, Sandra Bullock, nor any other celebrities were involved. No police, attorneys, or hearings. No multiple lovers staging press conferences for the tabloids.

RPPN’s “Love Triangle,” written by Jane Andrews, is about one man’s love of Triangle architecture — George Smart, founder of Triangle Modernist Houses (TMH).  The feature was initiated by RPPN Board of Directors member Alan Higgins. In an email to Smart, he commented, “Your organization is definitely among the most successful in the country and we’d love to highlight all of the good things that your group is doing.”

TMH is an award-winning non-profit organization founded by Smart to document, preserve and promote Modernist residential design and the designers behind them, primarily in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill “Triangle” region of North Carolina.

The feature includes the history of TMH, from Smart’s initial Google search of “Raleigh Modernism” in 2007 to the wealth of architectural house tours, movies, trips, and dinners Smart uses to highlight Modernist residences, from mid-century to brand-new.

The article also points to specific mid-century Modernist houses that have been saved from potential demolition largely thanks to TMH’s efforts.  Illustrated with rare photos and sidebars, the feature addresses the need for an organization like TMH “to raise awareness of the historic, economic, aesthetic value of Modernist houses.”

On the cover, RPPN offers: “Not familiar with George Smart and Triangle Modernist Houses? Well, it’s time you learn about one of the leading advocates for modernist design.”  The full “Love Triangle” feature is currently accessible at www.recentpast.org by clicking on the RPPN Bulletin icon. It will remain in the RPPN archive after the May edition is posted.

For more information on Triangle Modernist Houses, visit www.trianglemodernisthouses.com.

About Triangle Modernist Houses

Triangle Modernist Houses (TMH) is a 501C3 nonprofit established in 2007 to restoring and growing modernist architecture in the Triangle. The award-winning website, now the largest educational and historical archive for modernist residential design in America, continues to catalog, preserve, and advocate for North Carolina modernism.  TMH also hosts popular modernist house tours several times a year, giving the public access to the Triangle’s most exciting residential architecture, past and present. These tours raise awareness and help preserve these “works of art” for future generations. Visit the website at www.trianglemodernisthouses.com. TMH also has an active community on Facebook.

About Recent Past Preservation Network:

Richard Longstreth, (Professor of American Civilization and Director, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, George Washington University, and former president of the Society of Architectural Historians), Michael A. Tomlan (Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation Planning, Cornell University, and Project Director, National Council for Preservation Education), and the Officers inaugurated RPPN in October 2000. Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, RPPN promotes preservation education, assistance, and activism through the medium of new technologies, to encourage a contextual understanding of our modern built environment. For more information visit www.recentpast.org.

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