“The Mahogany Door” Makes BookExpo America’s New Titles Showcase

Split Rail Books gets its first title before international buyers, librarians and more.

May 25, 2011 (Durham, NC) – “The Mahogany Door” by J. Mark Boliek, a new fantasy-adventure book for young readers just published by Split Rail Books of Durham, is included in this year’s New Title Showcase at the BookExpo America (BEA) going on now at the Javits Center in New York City.

BEA is the largest book-publishing event in North America that’s attended by book buyers, librarians, editors, publishers, and literary agents, as well as book authors and illustrators. The New Title Showcase provides a way for publishers of all types, including small presses, to have their book titles on display at major international book fairs in prime exhibiting locations, and in official fair exhibits. Books in the Showcase are also included in a searchable, online database on the BEA website for one year.

“Most book expos are in the fall, but since this one is in May and my book has been officially released this month, it just seemed right that ‘The Mahogany Door ‘would be a part of the BEA,” said Boliek. “I’m delighted that it’s there for buyers, librarians and others to discover.”

“The Mahogany Door” is the first book in J. Mark Boliek’s The Buinduer Narrative fantasy-adventure trilogy. Accompanied by an original music soundtrack CD, it is a story about three friends, separated years ago by a traumatic event, who are compelled to reunite so that they may once again pass through “The Mahogany Door” and into the fantasy Vryheids world of Bruinduer. They must fulfill a destiny they left undone nine years before to keep Bruinduer from collapsing. The eight songs on the soundtrack CD capture the mood and message of certain sections or themes of the book.

A 353-page, soft-cover book, “The Mahogany Door” features original cover art and interior illustrations by California artist Lauren Gallegos. It is intended for young readers ages 10 and up, as well as parents who like to read to their children. Signed copies of the book and CD ($24.95) are currently available on the author’s website www.jmarkboliek.com.

For more information on Book Expo America and the New Titles Showcase, visit www.bookexpoamerica.com.

For more information on J. Mark Boliek and “The Mahogany Door,” visit www.jmarkboliek.com.

About J. Mark Boliek:

J. Mark Boliek, the author of “The Mahogany Door” and the entire Bruinduer Narrative series, grew up in Eden and Durham, North Carolina. An avid writer and athlete, he received a football scholarship after high school but chose to join the Navy instead. He graduated from Concord University in Athens, WV, in 1997 and lived in Wilmington, NC, for a while, where he began to develop The Bruinduer Narrative, a fantasy-adventure series for young readers, as well as the soundtrack CD that accompanies “The Mahogany Door.” Mark and his wife Jill now live in Durham, NC, where they own and operate Split Rail Books and Split Rail Multimedia LLC. For more information on the author and “The Mahogany Door,” visit www.jmarkboliek.com and his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jmarkboliek.

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