Between-Jobs Cary Man Tries A Different Way To Land His Next Job

Cris Cohen launches the “Cris Recruits A Company” website. 

Cris Cohen

June 8, 2011 (Cary, NC) – Until recently, Cris Cohen of Cary was well ensconced in the tech world, under contract with Cisco Systems. But like millions of Americans, he recently found himself on the receiving end of the dreaded pink slip. His position with Cisco was phased out.

Convinced that there had to be a better way to find a new position than mailing resumes all over town, he decided to turn the tables and launch the “Cris Recruits A Company” website at

“The traditional way of searching for an opening at a company seemed somewhat broken. And I mean ‘somewhat broken’ in the same way that you would describe the end of the Titanic’s voyage as being “somewhat shy of the dock,’” he writes on the website’s blog page. “Typically companies create job descriptions that are kind of devoid of life and post them to multiple locations. Candidates in turn have lifeless resumes that they send to multiple companies and job boards. It would be like trying to find a girlfriend by mass mailing generic form letters. “Dear Occupant…’ I wondered if there was a better way.”

So he contacted marketing guru Seth Godin for “outside the box” advice and Godin directed him to a website one of his protégées had created entitled “Susan Hires A Boss.”

“I thought what she did was really great and really different. So I set about building my own version and here we are,” Cohen says.

While Cohen’s new website offers serious information about his credentials and work experience – in communications, sales operations and project management – it also allows another one of his assets to shine through: his sense of humor. Cohen is the author of the humor blog “Nothing In Particular” and an upcoming humor book entitled Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane.

Cris Recruits A Company includes an “About You” page, describing his ideal employer, and an “About Me” page that goes into more personal details than the main “resume” page, such as links to his blogs, speaking engagements, and personality attributes.

“While I take my work seriously, I almost never take myself seriously,” Cohen says.

On the “Contact” page, he even offers “How to hire me” notes, including: “Hopefully we will agree that we are a great match and proceed through the rest of the process.”

In one of the most competitive job markets in decades, “people must be creative and stretch beyond the usual advice about resumes, dress, handshakes and smiles,” the Chicago Tribune reported recently.

Cris Cohen’s method is nothing if not creative.

To see Cohen’s new website, go to


About Cris Cohen:

A California native and former newspaper columnist, Cris Cohen and his family moved to Cary, NC, in 2008. He is experienced in Communications, Sales Operations, Project Management, and Certifications Security Enforcement. He writes a humor blog called “Nothing In Particular” and is publishing a humor book in September called Staying Crazy To Keep From Going Insane. Proceeds from the book’s sales will go to a local baseball league for kids with special needs.  He is currently doing speaking engagements to promote the book. Cohen also writes a humor column for the online newspaper the

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