Midwest Book Reviews Recommends “The Mahogany Door”

New fantasy-adventure book makes MBR’s July Fiction Shelf 

July 12, 2011 (Durham, NC) —  “The Mahogany Door,” a new fantasy-adventure book by J. Mark Boliek, accompanied by an all-original soundtrack CD, has received a positive review and strong recommendation from the reputable Midwest Book Reviews (MBR).

Under the headline “A fun fantasy aimed at young adult readers,” MBR says of the book:

“Friendship can stay true through the worst of it all. ‘The Mahogany Door’ follows amnesiac JT Davis and his two friends as in the efforts to restore memory lead them through a Mahogany door and into a fantasy world that will challenge their very concepts of reality and test their friendship to the fullest as they look for a way to return and make things right. Complete with a CD with music designed to go along with the book, ‘The Mahogany Door’ is a fun fantasy aimed at young adult readers, very much recommended reading.”

Out of 1500 book submissions MBR reports that it receives each month, MBR reviewers select only 450 to read. “The Mahogany Door” was one of those and, as such, is placed on the Fiction Shelf of MBR’s July Small Press Book Watch.

“The Mahogany Door,” with original illustrations by California artists Lauren Gallegos, is the first title released by Split Rail Books in Durham, NC. It is the first in a trilogy of books entitled The Bruinduer Narrative, which will continue the friends’ adventures in the fantasy Vryheids world of Bruinduer.

Established in 1976, the Midwest Book Review publishes monthly book publications specifically designed for community and academic librarians, booksellers, and the general reading public. It is a major Internet resource for publishers, writers, librarians, booksellers, and readers of all ages and interests. For more information, go to www.midwestbookreview.com

“The Mahogany Door” and accompanying CD are currently available through the author’s website, www.jmarkboliek.com. The Kindle® edition is available on Amazon and available for iPad on iTunes and iBooks as well as Nook from Barnes and Noble. The CD is also available for download from iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and many other online retailers.
Facts about The Mahogany Door:

Author: J. Mark Boliek. Publisher: Split Rail Books. Publication Date: May 2011. Genres: Fantasy-Fiction, Adventure-Fiction. Illustrator: Lauren Gallegos. Age Group: 10 and up. ISBN: 978-0-9832900-0-1. Paperback: 353pp. Retail Price: $27.99. Currently available: www.jmarkboliek.com.

About The Author:

J. Mark Boliek, the author of “The Mahogany Door” and the entire Bruinduer Narrative series, grew up in Eden and Durham, North Carolina. An avid writer and athlete, he received a football scholarship after high school but chose to join the Navy instead. He graduated from Concord University in Athens, WV, in 1997 and lived in Wilmington, NC, for a while, where he began to develop The Bruinduer Narrative, a fantasy-adventure series for young readers, as well as the soundtrack CD that accompanies “The Mahogany Door.” Mark and his wife Jill now live in Durham, NC, where they own and operate Split Rail Books and Split Rail Multimedia LLC. For more information on the author and “The Mahogany Door,” visit www.jmarkbolief.com and his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jmarkboliek.

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