Grand Entrance: Trig Modern To Update The Quorum’s Lobby, Corridors

Trig Modern
Trig Modern interior designer Ann Marie Baum

Trig Modern, the only showroom and design service in downtown Raleigh that specializes in modern decor, has been hired to upgrade the lobby and the eight residential corridors in The Residents at Quorum Center, a luxury condominium building also in downtown Raleigh.

“An inviting lobby is the condo version of curb appeal and your first impression of a building,” said Trig Modern interior designer Ann Marie Baum. ”That’s especially important in high-end buildings. The Quorum’s lobby harkens back to a time of elegance and sophistication, and our design speaks to that. We want to emphasize the beauty of the Quorum’s tile floors and Venetian plaster walls by adding layers of texture and color.”

Baum proposed three different color palettes – teal, orange, and gray — that will ensure the modern elements she introduces are warm and inviting.  The Quorum’s board will select one of them.

Each color “story,” as Baum calls them, involves replacing the wood-framed, Regency-style arm chairs in the lobby with either a pair of armless slipper chairs or a sleek, modern sofa in jewel-toned, patterned upholstery. She’ll complete the vignette with modern accent tables.

Each scheme also will replace the current console tables, lamps, and mirrors at the elevators – “which aren’t necessary,” Baum noted — with upholstered benches. She’ll upgrade the wall-to-wall carpet in the corridors with new striated carpet tiles that can be replaced easily if one of them is damaged or stained.

“And on every floor, above each bench, as well as in the lobby, I’ve recommended installing original works of art,” Baum said. “These pieces can be rotated among the floors and eventually rotated out of the Quorum so that new pieces can be brought in.” She will work with Kelly McChessney of Flanders Gallery in downtown Raleigh for the art rotation.

Baum also intends to remove all the artificial plants in the building and upgrade the lighting in the residents’ mail room.

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