Umicore Building Products USA Announces Instructional Seminar Series

Designed to increase VMZINC® installers’ craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

August 19, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) – Umicore Building Products USA (UBP), a world-leading manufacturer of architectural zinc, has announced VMZ Pro-zinc®, a comprehensive program of instructional services for sheet metal workers and all installers of VMZINC® products.

According to Dan Nicely, UPB’s director of market development, the VMZ Pro-zinc® program is designed to give participants a greater understanding of time-tested VMZINC® building materials’ detailing, which will improves installation quality and customer satisfaction.

“Our goals in offering the VMZ Pro-zinc® program are to build lasting relationships with sheet metal workers in the industry and to assist them in delivering value to their customers,” he said.

The instructional classes are presented as seminars that vary in length from a one-day Wall Cladding seminar to two-day Steep-Slop Roofing seminars, and three days for both. American and European craftsmen with extensive experience in sheet metal and zinc installation serve as instructors.

The VMZ Pro-zinc® program explores installation considerations specific to VMZINC® building materials, including: expansion and contraction, forming on site in adverse weather, and storage and handling. The program also provides project-specific related support and education on the benefits of using zinc materials and can be presented, on request, in Spanish French and other languages.

“The VMZ Pro-zinc® program is required for all installers of VMZINC® materials,” Nicely said. “To participate, installers must already have experience in sheet metal work and a working knowledge of other metals.”

The seminars are held in special VMZ Pro-zinc® training centers across the United States in Allentown, PA, Mesa, AZ, and Raleigh, NC. All courses are free of charge for architects and installers with an awarded VMZINC® project. UBP does charge a fee for conducting in-house trainings at other facilities.

VMZINC® has existed since 1832. For more information on the VMZ Pro-zinc® program, go to, email, or call 919-874-7173.

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