SOS For Summer-Stressed Hair

Summer can wreck havoc on your hair — the sun, the surf, the salt water and chlorine. Master stylist Jack Ray of Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie in Raleigh offers his top tips and strategies for bringing your hair back to full health as the seasons change…

Jack Ray
Jack Ray

1-    Summer stressed hair is fragile. Don’t “comb” out your hair using a brush. Use a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom up.

2-    Again, fragile: Don’t try to start a fire rubbing your hair in a towel. Squeeze the moisture out (especially helpful if you have curly hair).

3-    Use a foundation product before your styling product: Try a super light leave-in spray that evens porosity and protects your hair from sun and heat styling.

4-    Try medium heat instead of high heat when blow-drying your hair.

5-    Concentrate the majority of your pre-dry time at the first 3 inches of your hair. Save the more fragile ends for the very end.(Do not start finishing your hair with a brush until it is at least 80% dry)

6-    Use Masques. A wide variety is available on the market today. Does your hair need protein or moisture or both? Select an appropriate masque for your specific need. A bit of caution here, though: Don’t overdo protein masques. Ask your stylist for the best selection for your hair’s needs.

7-    Now is the time for “low lights”.: With fall coming, it’s time to add dimension. Demi perm colors for low lights are actually conditioning to hair as well as add depth and shine to make your hair look healthier.

8-    Consider a Glaze, which adds depth and shine to summer stress hair for healthier looking hair.
9-    Consider an in-salon treatment to get rid of summer stressed hair once and for all.
Treatments range from 10 minutes to a one-hour lux treatment.


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