Raleigh Hair Salon Announces Essay Contest for Free Makeover

January 11, 2010 (RALEIGH, NC) — Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh has announced its “Help Me, Lather! I Need A Make-Over!” Essay Contest.

The upscale, full-service salon located off Glenwood North/Highway 70 near Carmax is looking for 250-word essays, accompanied by a photo, on why the writer believes she badly needs or deserves a free, full, make-up and hair makeover provided by Lather’s team of professional stylists and makeup artists.

The winner will receive as many services as she wants: cut, color, styling, strategic waxing, shine glossing, make-up application and a makeup color chart to take with her so she can recreate the look at home.

“We’ll also make sure the winner knows how to recreate her new hair style so that she can continue enjoying what we create for her,” said Lather’s owner and senior stylist Jessica Williams. “We don’t want this to be a one-day change. We want this to be life changing. We want our deserving winner to continue to feel great about her new look long after she’s left our salon.”

The winner will also receive a free photographic portrait of her new look by professional portrait photographer Max Cohen of Cohen Studios in downtown Raleigh.

Who does Williams expect to participate?

“Anyone and everyone,” she said, “from the ‘Scene’ kid who’s gone one black-hair-dye and chopped-up hair cut too far, to the empty-nester who’s ready to stop looking like a soccer mom and start looking like a ‘hot mama.’ We hope to hear from a courageous cancer survivor whose hair has finally grown back and it’s time for some serious styling, and a school teacher who’s so dedicated to her work that her hair is a limp mess and she’s almost forgotten how to apply make up.”

Along with contestants’ personal essays, Williams and her team of stylists, who will determine the winner, are hoping friends and family will also nominate their loved ones.

“Wife, mother, sister, daughter, favorite aunt, BFF,” she said, “we know there are some lovely ladies out there who won’t do this for themselves because they’re too focused on doing for others. So it’s up to their loved ones to make it happen for them.”

The “Help Me, Lather! I Need A Makeover!” contest runs now through February. The winner will be selected on March 1 and notified immediately so an appointment can be made for the total makeover.

“We’re also hoping our winner’s friends and family will come out to the salon that day to witness her transformation,” Williams added. “We want to entire event to be a lot of fun for her.”

There is no entry fee to participate. Contestants may send their 250-word, double-spaced, typed essay with a recent photo by email to Jessica@latherhairsalonnc.com (put Essay Contest Entry in the subject line) or by regular mail to: Lather Hair Salon Essay Contest, 8521 Cantilever Way, Suite 109, Raleigh, NC 27613.

For questions about the contest, contact Lather’s public relations coordinator:  kim@blueplatenc.com. For more information on Lather Hair Salon, visit http://www.latherhairsalonnc.com.

About Lather Hair Salon:

Lather Hair Salon is a full-service, upscale salon specializing in color, cuts, waxing, deep conditioning treatments, shine glossing, perms, anti-curl treatments, and both trendy and classic styling. The salon was recently named one of the best salons in Raleigh by American Salon magazine. Lather also offers special wedding party services both in-salon or on location, and the stylists maintain “Hair Academy 101,” an on-going blog on hair care, styling, products, and DIY techniques. Lather Hair Salon is also available on Facebook and through Citysearch. For more information, visit http://www.latherhairsalonnc.com or call 919-792-0715.

New Look for a New Season? Absolutely!

September 10, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) — With fall only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking of changes to your hair to complement the seasonal changes in your wardrobe.

Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh offers the following Seasonal Style Tips for updating your look for Fall 2009.

Hair Color and Highlights:

The bright blonde locks that looked wonderful at the beach don’t offer the same effect in cooler weather. One word: warmth. Just as warmer clothes define the change of the season, so should warmer hair tones.  Lather logo sm

And the biggest trend for hair this fall is red. It’s a hot color that looks great on any hair type. From toned-down copper colors to bright apple-red, this outstanding shade will give you dimension and freshness for the upcoming “sweater weather.”

Going red all over looks amazing, but you don’t have to be a “red-head.” For blondes, try adding some strawberry blonde highlights to your natural shade. Copper shades will also help tone down bleach-blonde hair for fall. Brunettes should try deeper shades of red, such as auburn and bold red. These colors look amazing as highlights or all-over color.

Cuts and Styles:

As for cuts, the bob has been going strong this year and will still be popular this fall. The cropped bob is an edgy, shorter version of the classic cut. This look is short all over and can be worn with blunt or fringed bangs. The pixie crop is even shorter, but remember:  It’s essential to embrace messy, loose tousles with this cut.

For longer styles, Fall is the perfect time to master the sleek blow-out. There will be less humidity to frizz your ‘do, so now is the time to conquer those sleek, straight strands.

The 1940s “mermaid look” is also a very fashionable style this season. It’s sleek and shiny yet loaded with sexy waves and curls.

About Lather Hair Salon:

Lather Hair Salon is a full-service, upscale hair salon for women, men and children located at 8521 Cantilever Way, Suite 109, just off North Glenwood Avenue/Highway 70 West. Specialties include complete makeovers and wedding party styling and make-up. Owned and operated by senior stylist Jessica Williams, Lather Hair Salon also makes it a practice to reach out to the community through charitable efforts and activities. The Raleigh salon also maintains “Hair Academy 101,” an on-going blog available on its website that provides information, advice and tips to anyone who visits the site. For more information, go to http://www.latherhairsalonnc.com. For access to the blog, click on “specials” on the home page then “Hair Academy 101.” Lather Hair Salon is also available on Facebook, Twitter and Citysearch.

How To Choose The Correct Brush For YOUR Hair

May 28, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) – Hairbrushes come in a vast array of sizes and shapes these days, with almost as many bristle choices. Confused?

“The fact is, most people don’t have the slightest clue about the correct tools for their hair style or texture,” said Jessica Williams, owner and senior stylist at Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh, “so they end up using the same brush — with five years of buildup — then wonder why we can’t recreate the salon look.”

Williams offered information to help cut through the confusion so that  we can make our next hair tool purchase with confidence. She starts with facts and tips on bristles:

Fact: Boar bristles tend to be softer then synthetic or plastic bristles. That doesn’t mean plastic bristles are bad. There is a time and place for each. The purpose of a boar bristle brush is not to detangle hair. In fact, these brushes should never be used on knotty hair. Because of the density of the bristles, tangles will get caught in the brush and cause unnecessary breakage. (This is the perfect territory for plastic or nylon bristles.)  Boar bristle brushes are designed to clean, polish and condition hair. Plastic or nylon bristles are great for detangling or working with layers since they don’t add volume.

av_A09A_162Fact: Paddle brushes are generally large, wide and adaptable to wide variety of hair styles and textures. They’re great for smoothing naturally straight hair or finishing off a style after you’ve used a round brush to straighten frizzy, wavy, or curly hair. Ionic bristles are a nice “extra” since they reduce static and help close the hair cuticle. And using this brush is easy: Simply sweep the brush down the length of your hair in a paddle motion.

Tip: If time is your primary concern, a thermal brush may be just the ticket. They have a metal or heat-conductive material at the center that gets hot from the heat of your hair dryer. As you increase the heat, the brush will be working not only on the surface of the hair, but from the inside-out as well. These brushes can get really hot, so you have to be careful.

If that sounds ominous, ceramic brushes offer all the benefits of thermal brushes without the pesky danger of burns.

Fact: A radial hairbrush features bristles around the entire head of the brush. Think porcupine meets roller brush. Radial brushes come in many different shapes and sizes.  Vent holes in the barrel allow heat to circulate from the roots throughout the hair while simultaneously drying the hair quickly and creating added volume. Tip: The correct blow-drying technique for these brushes is almost as essential as the benefits of the brush itself.  Wrap your damp hair around the brush and roll towards the base, keeping the blow dryer directly on the hair.  Extra hint: Give your hair a blast of cool air at the end to help set the style. These brushes are perfect for creating curls and volume quickly.

Tip: Regardless of the quality of the hairbrush, you always need to use heat protection on your hair before heat styling. Lather Hair Salon prefers Sebastian’s Trilliant.

Tip: Wash your hairbrushes regularly in warm water and a little shampoo and let them dry naturally.

Big tip for big hair: Don’t brush thick, frizzy, or damaged hair. Use a comb instead.

Lather Hair Salon is located at 8521 Cantilever Way near the corner of Glenwood Ave./Highway 70 and Ebenezer Church Road. For more information, including business hours and access to the salon’s “Hair Academy 101” blog, go to www.latherhairsalonnc.com. (Find the blog by clicking on “specials.”) Lather is also available on Facebook and at triangle.citysearch.comLather logo

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Six Tips For Springing Into Spring With Style

May 20, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) – Spring is here and you know what that means in the South: unpredictable weather.  It can be hot, chilly, humid, rainy, and windy, and all in the same day!  Here are five tips from Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh (www.latherhairsalonnc.com) to help you beat the South’s extreme Spring weather and get the look you want.

Rain Date

Tip 1. Rain can definitely put a damper on a finished hairstyle, so make sure you protect that ‘do. When you get out of the shower, apply an anti-frizz serum to your hair such as Sebastian’s Liquid Steel. It will shield your hair against the warm humidity. And always have an umbrella handy. Rain means damp hair, and damp hair means frizzy fly-aways.

Tip 2. To defeat that tricky sideways rain, embrace your Jackie-O style and grab a cute scarf to tie around your head. You’ll look stylish and, by the time you’ve reached your destination, you can unwrap a perfectly “together” ‘do.

It’s also always a good idea to have a “rescue bag” in your purse just in case you get caught without an umbrella or scarf.  Put a few bobby pins, a hair tie, a travel-sized hair spray (Sebastian Re-Shaper works really well), and a mini comb in a plastic baggie, drop it in your purse, and you’ll be set.

Tip 3. If the worst-case scenario happens — you end up drenched – you can still rally with style. When your hair is partially dry, teasing the top portion for height, then pull the rest back into a tightly secured ponytail. It’s a stylish twist on a classic pony that will allow you to slick back and secure otherwise frizzy hair.

A stylish ponytail.
A stylish ponytail.

Spring-Fresh Face and a Classic Cut

Tip 4. Coming out of winter, everyone craves a new, fresh look. Start by brightening up your skin: Exfoliate those dead, winter cells away. You want to start the season with healthy, shining skin.

Tip 5. Now is the perfect time for a new spring style.  A great haircut for spring and summer is a classic bob, customized to your desired length and cut.  A bob is almost hassle-free and won’t frizz or curl like a style with many layers. Bobs also bring attention to your eyes so you can wear less makeup in the summer heat.

Medium-length, classic "bob"
Medium-length, classic "bob"

Tip 6. To brighten up your hair for sunny weather, try a few highlights in the front, framing your face. This is a great and inexpensive way to change your look.

Spring weather can be a challenging, but if you keep these styling tricks up your sleeve, you’ll always look great and fashionable — despite the weather!

For more hair styling and hair care tips year-round, visit www.latherhairsalonnc, click on “specials” then on “Hair Academy 101.”

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From Lather Hair Salon: Hair Care for Hard Times

March 2, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) — Lets face it.  In this climate of economic insecurity, taking care of your hair isn’t quite the priority it once was. You may not be able to handle the cost of a monthly haircut, much less color maintenance. So here are some tips from the professional stylists at Lather, a Raleigh hair salon,  to help you stretch the time between maintenance visits, save some money, and still take good care of your hair:

* Choose a low maintenance hairstyle.  A “bob “is high on the list of cost effective cuts that last for months.

* This a great time to change hair color habits. Avoid dramatic colors reminiscent of crayola. They require a huge amount of maintenance.

* Consider low lights instead of high-lights. Low lights last for months.

* If you simply love your highlights and can’t imagine life with them, try to keep them a bit more subtle — no more then four shades lighter then your own natural hair. You won’t have to touch them up nearly as often.

* For those who want to cover up just a little grey, opt for a demi-permanent dye similar to your own color. This will last six to nine weeks with NO re-growth lines.

* For those who need to cover a lot of grey, keep it natural.  Get a permanent color that is within one to two shades of your natural hair color.

* Root Lifts are a great “economically friendly” way to maintain highlights without having to pay for a full or partial highlight every time.

* Excessive shampooing and conditioning can leave hair full of residue and it strips the hair of it’s natural oils. Reducing the frequency of shampooing will allow your hair’s natural oils to do the job of conditioning and save you some money on product purchases.

* Referrals. Stylists are always on the look out for new clients, and almost all of them will show their appreciation if you refer a friend or two to them.

To see many more hints and tips from Lather‘s team of professional stylists, visit the Raleigh hair salon‘s blog — “Hair Academy 101.”

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SOS For Summer-Stressed Hair

Summer can wreck havoc on your hair — the sun, the surf, the salt water and chlorine. Master stylist Jack Ray of Samuel Cole Salon and Salon Moxie in Raleigh offers his top tips and strategies for bringing your hair back to full health as the seasons change…

Jack Ray
Jack Ray

1-    Summer stressed hair is fragile. Don’t “comb” out your hair using a brush. Use a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom up.

2-    Again, fragile: Don’t try to start a fire rubbing your hair in a towel. Squeeze the moisture out (especially helpful if you have curly hair).

3-    Use a foundation product before your styling product: Try a super light leave-in spray that evens porosity and protects your hair from sun and heat styling.

4-    Try medium heat instead of high heat when blow-drying your hair.

5-    Concentrate the majority of your pre-dry time at the first 3 inches of your hair. Save the more fragile ends for the very end.(Do not start finishing your hair with a brush until it is at least 80% dry)

6-    Use Masques. A wide variety is available on the market today. Does your hair need protein or moisture or both? Select an appropriate masque for your specific need. A bit of caution here, though: Don’t overdo protein masques. Ask your stylist for the best selection for your hair’s needs.

7-    Now is the time for “low lights”.: With fall coming, it’s time to add dimension. Demi perm colors for low lights are actually conditioning to hair as well as add depth and shine to make your hair look healthier.

8-    Consider a Glaze, which adds depth and shine to summer stress hair for healthier looking hair.
9-    Consider an in-salon treatment to get rid of summer stressed hair once and for all.
Treatments range from 10 minutes to a one-hour lux treatment.