Triangle Modernist Houses Joins Association of Architecture Organizations

National network promotes excellence in architecture and design communities.

April 4, 2011 (Durham, NC) — The Association of Architecture Organizations (AAO) has accepted Triangle Modernist Archive, Inc., the parent non-profit entity for Triangle Modernist, as a new member.

Based in Chicago, AAO is a national network that promotes excellence in architecture and design education communities. AAO encourages cooperation among institutions, educators, and the general public, and is committed to sharing knowledge and experiences for greater public awareness and appreciation of architecture.

Triangle Modernist Archive Inc., an award-winning North Carolina organization committed to documenting, preserving, and promoting Modernist architecture primarily through their website, is now the largest single archive of Modernist residential design in the nation.

The TMH website also features the state’s only comprehensive listings of Modernist houses for sale or rent plus extensive collection of biographic, audio, and video interviews about North Carolina architects. TMH also hosts popular Modernist house tours, an ongoing architecture movie series, presentations on North Carolina architecture, and architectural trips outside the region.

“AAO brings together high-profile organizations to increase America’s awareness of good design and connect people to the uniqueness of extraordinary architecture.  We are very proud to be on board and look forward to a meaningful and valuable association,” said TMH founder George Smart.

Other AAO members include the national American Institute of Architects (AIA), the American Architectural Foundation, AIA New York, AIA San Francisco, AIA Seattle, the Seattle Architecture Foundation, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.

For more information on the AAO, visit

For more information on TMH, visit

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