From Residential Architect magazine: “Publish or Perish”

Residential Architect magazine is one of the best professional journals covering architecture today. It its November-December 2011 edition, editor Claire Conroy hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head in an editorial that applies not just to architects, but to all professions, businesses, and non-profits: It is no longer enough to “hang your shingle” and take out a Yellow Page ad. Without good, consistent marketing and/or public relations efforts, you will drown in the sea of competition. She begins by addressing the reasons behind the magazine’s choices for its first ever “RA 50: a short list of architects we love.” What she says after that applies to anyone who wants to rise to the top of his or her field and stay there. — Kim Weiss, Blueplate PR

publish or perish

…find your own way to let the world know how great you are.

By:  S. Claire Conroy

Welcome to our first-ever ra50—the short list of architects whose work we admire. We know and

Claire Conroy, editor, Residential Architect

appreciate a great number of other residential architects, but this collection comprises the ones whose names keep rising to the top—of our design awards programs, of our case studies waiting for a place in the magazine, and of our roster of cover profile subjects.

There are some practitioners here who’ve come to our attention through sheer talent and dedication alone—well, maybe just one: Glenn Murcutt. The rest have combined undeniable talent with hard work, and, yes, self-promotion. That self-promotion may only take the form of entering—and winning—design competitions, but that effort wins our attention.

Good marketing is an imperative these days. Architects can no longer get by with just a listing in the Yellow Pages, as one well-known practitioner once told me he did. Come to think of it, his practice has largely evaporated.  Read more…

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