“Eat For Broad Street” Fundraiser To Be Held in Carteret County

Participating restaurants help raise funds for the county’s free health clinic.

On Friday, October 21, 40 restaurants in Carteret County will participate in “Eat For Broad Street,” a day-long fundraiser to support Broad Street Clinic, a free health clinic in Morehead City that has served the coastal county for 18 years.

The restaurants will donate 10 percent of their profits that day to the clinic to help it provide medications to patients who are indigent, uninsured, suffer from chronic illness conditions, and can’t afford the cost of doctor’s visits or medications.

Carteret County physicians and other citizens founded the Broad Street Clinic in 1993 as a private, non-profit, free health clinic serving the adult residents of Carteret County and surrounding areas.

Originally located in Beaufort, the clinic is now located at North 35th Street in Morehead City, near Carteret General Hospital.

To see the list of restaurants participating in “Eat For Broad Street,” visit www.broadstreetclinic.org and click on “future events.”

For more information on the clinic, contact Dr. Mary Katherine Lawrence at 252-241-4154, or email: freeclinic@bizec.rr.com.

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