Six Tips For Springing Into Spring With Style

May 20, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) – Spring is here and you know what that means in the South: unpredictable weather.  It can be hot, chilly, humid, rainy, and windy, and all in the same day!  Here are five tips from Lather Hair Salon in Raleigh ( to help you beat the South’s extreme Spring weather and get the look you want.

Rain Date

Tip 1. Rain can definitely put a damper on a finished hairstyle, so make sure you protect that ‘do. When you get out of the shower, apply an anti-frizz serum to your hair such as Sebastian’s Liquid Steel. It will shield your hair against the warm humidity. And always have an umbrella handy. Rain means damp hair, and damp hair means frizzy fly-aways.

Tip 2. To defeat that tricky sideways rain, embrace your Jackie-O style and grab a cute scarf to tie around your head. You’ll look stylish and, by the time you’ve reached your destination, you can unwrap a perfectly “together” ‘do.

It’s also always a good idea to have a “rescue bag” in your purse just in case you get caught without an umbrella or scarf.  Put a few bobby pins, a hair tie, a travel-sized hair spray (Sebastian Re-Shaper works really well), and a mini comb in a plastic baggie, drop it in your purse, and you’ll be set.

Tip 3. If the worst-case scenario happens — you end up drenched – you can still rally with style. When your hair is partially dry, teasing the top portion for height, then pull the rest back into a tightly secured ponytail. It’s a stylish twist on a classic pony that will allow you to slick back and secure otherwise frizzy hair.

A stylish ponytail.
A stylish ponytail.

Spring-Fresh Face and a Classic Cut

Tip 4. Coming out of winter, everyone craves a new, fresh look. Start by brightening up your skin: Exfoliate those dead, winter cells away. You want to start the season with healthy, shining skin.

Tip 5. Now is the perfect time for a new spring style.  A great haircut for spring and summer is a classic bob, customized to your desired length and cut.  A bob is almost hassle-free and won’t frizz or curl like a style with many layers. Bobs also bring attention to your eyes so you can wear less makeup in the summer heat.

Medium-length, classic "bob"
Medium-length, classic "bob"

Tip 6. To brighten up your hair for sunny weather, try a few highlights in the front, framing your face. This is a great and inexpensive way to change your look.

Spring weather can be a challenging, but if you keep these styling tricks up your sleeve, you’ll always look great and fashionable — despite the weather!

For more hair styling and hair care tips year-round, visit www.latherhairsalonnc, click on “specials” then on “Hair Academy 101.”

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