Social Media Marketer & Marketing Strategist Partner To Create “Outrageous” Social Media Series

September 24, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) — Deidre Hughey, president of The Buzz Builder and Olalah Njenga, CEO of YellowWood Group, have leveraged their individual marketing expertise to create a comprehensive 13-week social media

Olalah Njenga
Olalah Njenga

education series called “The Outrageous Advantage™.

Njenga explains, “We developed The Outrageous Advantage™ to help coaches, speakers, authors, artists and solo professionals create a specific and actionable social media marketing strategy with real, measurable results.”

Using a combination of marketing techniques, Hughey and Njenga use their combined 20 years of marketing and sales experience to help participants create a successful social media presence through targeted and strategic actions.

“At the heart of social media is the need for relationship and interaction”, Hughey

Deidre Hughey
Deidre Hughey

comments.  “Building visibility and credibility online requires an action plan, not a haphazard approach.” Hughey continued, “With a strategic plan in place, companies can expect to target and capture new clients that their advertising dollars aren’t getting them anymore.”

The Outrageous Advantage™ series includes over 15 marketing sessions, an online support group, MP3 files and presentation PDFs, Group Q&A sessions, individual coaching and guest speakers who present subject matter expert information.  Dubbed a social media education series, The Outrageous Advantage™ was developed as a step-by-step approach.  Participants will easily navigate an otherwise elusive and sometimes slippery process in constructing an online position, a meaningful social media message and a comprehensive strategy. Njenga remarks, “Instead of struggling to figure out the social media landscape alone, The Outrageous Advantage™ ensures participants steer clear of potentially costly mistakes that developing an online presence can create.”

For more information about The Outrageous Advantage™ series, including bonuses, participant fees and an outline, please visit

About Olalah Njenga:

Olalah Njenga is the chief executive officer and senior marketing strategist at YellowWood Group. She works with growing and mid-size companies that want to align marketing strategies with sales goals. She is the creator of the Marketing With Ease™ marketing coaching system for small business owners, which was featured in the book “Perfecting Your Pitch”, by Office Depot® advisor, Nancy Michaels. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and conducts workshops, provides training and speaks professionally on a variety of business topics including strategic marketing, market penetration, differentiation, brand equity and profitability.  Her new book, “37 What Were They Thinking Moments In Marketing”, is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2009.

About Deidre Hughey:

Deidre Hughey is president of The Buzz Builder, a columnist for Women’s Edge Magazine, president of Women’s Business Owners Network (WBON) in Cary, on the board for the Knowledgeable Network of Women (KNOW) in Morrisville, and a trustee for She is also the host of “Deidre’s Author Buzz” on BlogTalkRadio, and a veteran public speaker. For more information, visit

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