Shoot Magazine Praises PSA for Raleigh,NC, Holocaust Commemoration

March 3, 2008 (RALEIGH, NC) – “Remember,” a 30-section public service announcement (PSA) to support the annual Holocaust Commemoration in Raleigh, North Carolina, is featured this week in SHOOT, a national magazine, under the headline: “The Best Work You May Never See.”

Film director Allen Weiss of Raleigh wrote, directed and executive produced the PSA, for the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust. Weiss is the son of a 78-year-old Survivor who has carried the number the Nazis tattooed on his arm for 65 years. His father’s numbers inspired the concept behind “Remember,” Weiss said:

“The central concept of this piece is this: There is no better way to assert the fact that people are individuals and not numbers, than to assign numbers to people,” he said. “That’s exactly what the Nazi machine did. So this concept is simple — have Survivors, and their progeny, appear on camera and simply, bluntly, state their number.”

Trailblazers Studio in Raleigh donated time, equipment and a crew to produce the spot, which should air throughout the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham Chapel Hill) area of North Carolina.

“In the wake of such a global catastrophe, this project is nothing more than a pebble tossed in the ocean,” Weiss said. “But the ripples that those pebbles create can be huge — as long as people keep tossing the pebbles, nobody will forget what they mean or where they came from.”

Shoot Magazine has been a leading national weekly publication for creative and production decision-makers at advertising agencies and in the television and film production industry for 46 years. Its contents are also available online to registered viewers at

For more information on Remember, contact Allen Weiss at or call 919-272-8834.


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