“Orphans Of War” Author To Appear On BlogTalkRadio

Bearta Powell - head shot 1

August 17, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) – Bearta Powell, the Lebanese-born Raleigh, NC, author whose new book Orphans of War chronicles her life as an orphan growing up in war-torn Lebanon, will be featured in a full-hour interview on Deidre Hughey’s “Author Buzz” talk show for BlogTalkRadio on August 19 beginning at 2 p.m.

Orphans of War is an unembellished account of the life of five siblings – including the author — after they became orphans in the midst of the religious and political conflict that consumed Lebanon.

“When I was five my parents died, leaving behind five young children,” Powell says. “We lost our parents and virtually every relative, but we gained brothers and sisters at the orphanage that took us in. Through anything that came our way – death, war, hunger, misery, rejection, failure, and happiness, we were there for each other. Out unbreakable bond, support and love for each other… as we searched for the positive in the remnants of each experience . . . no matter how horrific.”

Powell will discuss many of those experiences, as well as the courage she and her siblings found to survive amidst desperation and fear, during Hughey’s “Author Buzz” interview.

Bearta Powell immigrated to the United States when she was 19 years old. She graduated from North Carolina State University and now lives in Raleigh with her husband and three sons.

“I am an American and I say that both proudly and modestly,” she says. “I have three beautiful boys that know only of war-torn Lebanon through my stories and battle-scarred photographs. I have a supportive husband who gives me comfort when memories swell up and paralyze me with remembrance. I am grateful to America, for she has given me new memories and the resolute strength of a survivor.”

For more information on Bearta Powell and Ophans of War, including a way to order Orphans of War, visit her website at www.BeartaPowell.net.

Deidre Hughey’s show is accessible at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/DeidreHughey.

About Bearta Powell:

Bearta Powell is a Lebanese-born author who became a naturalized US citizen at 19 years old. Powell, an orphan, spent her formative years amidst war-torn Lebanon and wrote Orphans of War to chronicle her often horrific childhood experiences.  Powell is a graduate of North Carolina State University where she pursued a Bachelors of Science in Business and Management.  Powell is a fitness enthusiast and very active in her community.  As a certified Zumba® and IFTA instructor, Powell orchestrates the largest inter-cultural fitness event in the Raleigh metro area.  Her events are designed to celebrate cultural differences through a variety of fun with fitness and fun with food experiences.  Orphans of War is available for purchase through book retailers and through the author’s website at http://www.BeartaPowell.net.

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