Virillion Music To Release “The Story To Be Told”

Marc Hoffman’s label announces new recording of original songs by local songwriter Carol Greene.


February 9, 2011 (CHARLOTTE, NC) – Three years ago, songwriter Carol Greene asked Marc Hoffman of Virillion Music to help her with the arrangements on some her songs. On March 1, 2011, Virillion Music will release the CD that evolved from that collaboration, The Story To Be Told.


The Story To Be Told is “an honest look at Carol Greene’s spiritual journey through life thus far,” said Hoffman, who composes, records and publishes his work and the work of other artists through his label, Virillion Music. “She has a lot to say through her music and lyrics.“


Hoffman recalls being immediately impressed by Green’s songwriting skills when she first approached him three years ago. “When she mentioned having her songs fully produced into a CD, I jumped at the chance.”


That enthusiasm would lead to Hoffman serving as the CD’s producer, arranger, engineer, keyboardist and vocalist.


“Carol isn’t a singer, so I stepped in there,” he said, “and I brought in Jenny Carroll, a terrific soprano I work with on occasion.”


Hoffman said he “wore a lot of hats” in the recording and production of The Story To Be Told, and even had a hand in the CD package design. His favorite song on the CD is the title track, “The Story To Be Told.”


“It reminds me of the epic Christian songs of the early 20th century. ‘The Holy City’ comes to mind,” he said, referring to the hymn by Stephen Adams with lyrics by Frederick Weatherly.


Known for his original jazz compilations, including the CD Curioso he released last year, Hoffman believes Greene is influenced by the Great American Songbook, or jazz standards, even though she claims not be interested in jazz. “Many of her songs include chords that are way beyond simple pop.”


The Story To Be Told will be available at CDBaby and iTunes after March 1, 2011


For more information on Virillion Music and Marc Hoffman, visit


About Virillion Music:

Virillion Music, a music publisher based in the Charlotte, NC area, has been the home of composer, songwriter, and recording artist Marc Hoffman since 1990. Through Virillion Music, Marc has published and promoted recordings and scores for film, orchestra, contemporary jazz, popular music, piano, flute, oboe, bassoon and harp, as well as music beds, or background music, for websites. Through concert works, original jazz and standards, film scores, popular music, and solo or ensemble performances, Virillion Music strives to meet the needs of all facets of the music industry. Virillion Music is also a music and song publisher for a select number of other artists and bands. Solo artists and bands who would like their music considered for publication are welcome to contact Virillion Music by emailing


About Carol Greene:

Carol A. Racz Greene was born Carol Welch in New York City during the Beatnik Era. She grew up across the street from the Greenwich House Music School in Greenwich Village. Access to the school was an open door to Carol, not only for her music lessons but because her grandmother worked at the school and lived on the premises. So since an early age Carol was surrounded by the constant “sound of music” just across the street. Carol has taught piano to elementary-aged children, been a senior level bio-chemical lab technician, a Montessori pre-school teacher, a “Kindermusic” teacher, an entrepreneurial business owner, director and teacher of a Montessori oriented daycare/preschool for over 22 years, a church youth choir director, and a church pianist. She has been composing her own music for 15 years.



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